What roles should AI writing tools play for content marketing services?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is being used in an ever-broadening range of fields. It’s moved rapidly from being a curiosity as IBM’s Watson took on the knowledgeable champions of “Jeopardy” to a tool used by manufacturers, financial institutions, health care entities and more. AI is even being used by some digital marketing companies and content marketing services. However, the heads of content marketing services may wonder what roles AI should or could play in the scope of their workspace. 

What types of AI tools are available to content marketing services?

As the content marketing director here at BURG+CO. Marketing, I have explored the potential of several AI writing tools over the past several months. I had heard of AI writing tools before, yet I had not had the opportunity to check any of them out. Then, our writing, web development and management teams started working on our BURG+CO. turnkey health care website builder project, which we recently launched. One of the services we decided to offer as part of the site builder is content marketing. I was tasked with finding a way to create those pages as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. 

That’s when I started looking into AI writing tools. Fortunately, there was and is no lack of AI writing tools to choose from. Some of the options I and other BURG+CO. team members looked into included: 

  • Jasper AI.
  • Rytr.
  • Writesonic.
  • Article Forge.

After looking into these AI writing options, we ultimately decided that sticking with the human writers on our team was the best option for us. However, we did learn some things about the roles that AI writing tools currently can and cannot play for content marketing services

2 roles that AI writing tools can play for content marketing services

There were several roles that we found AI tools could successfully play in the content creation space. They included: 

  1. Brainstorming titles — Any content marketer knows how vital creating effective titles is. Yet many of us also acknowledge that creating titles is one of the most difficult tasks in the content creation process. One thing our team discovered during our AI writing tools trial was how helpful the tools were at creating titles. We simply entered the topics and keywords we wanted to use and the tools generated a list of titles for us. Granted, not every title they generated was a winner, but neither is every title a human creates. 
  2. Revealing what’s out there — The content space on the internet is huge. And it’s constantly growing. Tech sources report that about 2.5 quintillion, that’s 2.5 thousand trillion, bytes of data are created every single day. Exploring all that content is impossible, not to mention all the content that was created in the past. 

AI writing tools can help give content marketers a solid idea of what is being said in content about different topics. Their AI engines allow them to scan through a massive amount of content. They then use that information to help create the content you’re asking them to create. So, you can get an idea of the content that’s out there for a particular topic just by trying to create a piece of content about it with an AI writing tool. 

2 roles AI writing tools can’t yet play for content marketing services

I’m sure that AI writing tools will continue to evolve, yet there are certain roles they can’t yet play for content creators at present. Several of these roles include: 

1. Creating content independently — Unfortunately, this is the big one. It’s what many content creators would really like from an AI writing tool: The ability to simply type in a few things and have ready-made content appear in seconds. While AI writing tools may get there at some point, our team’s search revealed that they definitely aren’t there yet. 

The tools we tried tended to be very repetitive in their outputs unless they were VERY closely monitored. This was especially true when we were trying to create longer content pieces. Ultimately, our experience was that we spent as much time, or more in some cases, creating content with the AI writing tool than we did creating it on our own.

2. Pulling in credible, relevant sources — Another major role content creators would like AI writing tools to play is that of a data researcher. Most content creators use facts and figures of some kind to support their ideas. However, the AI writing tools we tested weren’t much help with this task. Even many of their creators acknowledged that people using their tools needed to double-check any statistics or statements that the tools generated. For our team, the need to do this check is part of why the AI tools we tried didn’t improve our average creation times. 

As I’ve demonstrated, AI writing tools can play several important roles for content marketing services. Yet there are others that they’re not yet ready to play. I have no doubt that AI writing tools will continue to become more and more capable. But, for now, the human members of our BURG+CO. content creation team will remain the primary creators of our and our clients’ content. 

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