Website Design & Development

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BURG+CO. Helps Our Partners Transform Their Websites in 3 Easy Steps

1. Auditing Current Website

Is your site getting traffic but just not converting new patients? Or maybe it isn’t even gaining traffic, despite your best marketing efforts. Our web team can audit your current website and help you decide how best to address the issues we uncover.

2. Building a New Website or Updating Your Current Website

Launching a new business or rebranding your current one often involves a brand-new website. That’s where we can help. Our websites are built in WordPress and are 100% customizable and 100% scalable. That means that your site can grow with you — no more tearing down and rebuilding every time to shift gears. Oh, and did we mention that all our sites are hosted on a HIPAA-compliant server?

3. Maintaining Your Website

Did you know that maintaining your website is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of hacking? Most spam bots crawl into your site through plug-ins that are out of  date. Our web team runs daily site checks to scan for any current or potential threats to your website’s security and uptime. 

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What Is Web Design & Development (WD&D) All About?

Web design & development are key, but often overlooked, parts of digital marketing, especially when it comes to creating effective conversion strategies. Effective web development and maintenance from our BURG+CO. experts can help your busing meet goals like: 

Making Your Website More Interactive

Research indicates that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. Our WD&D team can help ensure that your website is as interactive and responsive as possible so that site visitors are more likely to become loyal customers.

Building a Better UX/UI Experience

Whether your site is geared toward retail customers or health care patients, it’s critical that you provide an engaging user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Our WD&D experts provide the insight and skills to build growth-oriented UX/UI into your new or existing site.

Increasing Conversion Optimization

Your site may have a lot of traffic. That doesn’t mean that it brings in a lot of conversions. Our WD&D specialists can take steps to evaluate your site, identify conversion optimization improvements and help put those improvements in place.

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Web Design & Development Techniques We Can Put to Work for You


BURG Website Builder

Our WD&D team has created a BURG website builder that allows businesses to more easily create websites that are 100% customizable and have the scalability to grow as your business does. Its drag-and-drop interface allows for easy changes that you can do in-house, or you can choose to maintain our web team for any changes needed.

Heat Mapping

The key to any good website is knowing how users are interacting with the information on each page. By heat mapping, we can see not just where users are going on your site, but how they are engaging with each page, i.e., where are they bouncing off and what conversion elements are they engaging with or missing altogether. We can use this information to build the most optimized UX/UI experience for your users that naturally drives more conversions from your site.

A/B Testing

Building multiple versions of website elements such as forms or even whole pages of a site can complicate the build process. Or at least that’s what many businesses think. However, our WD&D team has the experience and tools to easily create multiple versions of key website components and pages. This allows you to A/B test the different versions with your site users and choose the one that works best for them. 

EMR Integration

Integrating an electronic medical record (EMR) system into your health care website can be highly beneficial for your team and your patients. To help your health care practice and your patients realize the benefits that EMR integration can provide, BURG+CO.’s WD&D team will help you create a website that has WebPT, Better PT and other leading health care EMR systems integrated seamlessly into it. 

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