Video Content Creation

Creating SEO-backed video content that’s growth-oriented and purpose-driven.

BURG+CO. Helps Our Partners Build Video Content Into Their SEO Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

1. Video Content Analysis

Your business must know precisely how video content can be incorporated into its overall SEO strategy. Our BURG+CO. team will analyze your current SEO strategy and pinpoint areas that can benefit from video content. We will then discuss our recommendations with you and answer your questions.

2. Create User- & Search Algorithm-Friendly Videos

Creating search engine-optimized video content is a balancing act. Your videos need to appeal to your potential partners. They also need to catch the electronic eyes of search engine algorithms. Our team can help you create video content that provides valuable information to your potential and current clients, and we can also create compelling, keyword-rich titles, scripts, meta descriptions and URLs designed to attract the attention of search engines.

3. Posting & Embedding Video Content

Once we’ve created your branded videos, our team can provide your posting team with the information it needs to post your videos on the online platforms your potential clients are looking at. Or we can do the posting for you. We can also help you embed selected videos in your blogs or on specific pages of your website.

Discover how our team can use these steps to create your video content.

What Is Video Content Creation All About?

Video content is an increasingly vital part of digital marketing and SEO strategies. That’s not surprising since online videos reach nearly 92% of internet users globally. This reach is what allows our branded and informative videos to help businesses:

Drive More Website Traffic

Video content can help your business take advantage of the 88% of people who claim that a brand’s video influenced them to buy their products or services. Our BURG+CO. team can help you build videos that are designed to drive more traffic to your website. However, the videos we create can also help increase the number of people on your website who are already motivated to become your client.

Research Video Keywords

It’s vital to incorporate keywords in your videos that your potential clients are searching for and that are relevant to your products and services. BURG+CO.’s keyword research specialists can help research keywords that meet these goals. They also help our video content creators incorporate the researched keywords into your video content, which helps make it more valuable to your potential clients and visible to search engines.

Build Multi-Device & Multi-Platform Videos

Mobile users account for almost 59% of internet traffic, so you may not be surprised to learn that smartphones are the most popular online video streaming devices. We keep these crucial points in mind when creating your video content. Our BURG+CO. team can build branded video content that’s designed to be streamed on multiple devices and online platforms. We’ll do so by ensuring that your video content is valuable and enticing to your potential clients, is designed to load as rapidly as possible for multiple devices and online platforms, and is easy to navigate.

Ready to start building video content that allows your business to meet these goals and much more?

We Can Create Multiple Types of Video Content for Your Business

90-Second Animated Explainer Videos

Research shows that the two-minute mark of a video is where viewer engagement starts to drop off on average. Our 90-second animated explainer videos are designed to help you avoid this engagement drop-off. Yet these animated videos also allow you to pique a viewer’s interest, provide them with valuable information about a product or service you offer and raise their awareness of your brand.

Video Quizzes

Video quizzes are interactive videos that ask questions designed to help viewers engage with the video. Our BURG+CO. video content experts can build a variety of video quizzes that are intended to improve your videos’ viewer engagement, gather valuable viewer feedback and improve your business’s ability to better understand and build content for your target audience(s).

FAQs Videos

FAQs videos are videos our team creates that are designed to answer specific questions or series of questions your potential clients regularly ask about your brand, products or services. We can create short videos answering individual questions that can be embedded on your website’s FAQs page. We can also create longer videos that answer series of questions that you can then post to your social media platforms or embed on your website or relevant blog post pages.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the types of video content we can create for your brand.

Video Content Creation Techniques We Can Put to Work for You

Keyword Research & Integration

A significant benefit of video content is its ability to increase your site’s visibility and other SEO content in search results. A critical factor in providing this benefit is Our BURG+CO. team’s ability to research relevant, high-performing keywords and integrate them into your brand’s video content. Our team uses exceptional research tools to pinpoint the highest-performing keywords for your business. Then, our team incorporates those keywords into your videos’ titles, URLs, scripts and meta descriptions.


Our team works hard to create valuable video content that your potential clients and other credible websites will want to link to and share. Such links are called backlinks, inbound links or incoming links. Backlinking signals to Google’s algorithms that your video content has proven valuable to the video’s viewers or other sites. Backlinking can also help your site appear more authoritative and trustworthy to Google’s search engine algorithms and lead to a higher rank in search results for both your video content and your website.

Internal Linking

Our video content specialists can build relevant internal links into your video content. Adding these internal links makes it much easier for viewers to find other information on your website, social media profiles, etc., that is relevant to their needs. These links can also make it easier for viewers to find your products and services that can help meet their needs.

Come find out more about the SEO strategies our team can use to help boost your brand awareness and improve your search result rankings.

Advantages Our Video Content Creation Services Create

Seeing is believing when it comes to the advantages our video content creation services can offer. Here are some of the advantages that our partners have gained from the video content strategies we’ve created: