Content Marketing

Content that’s growth oriented and purpose driven boosts brand awareness, drives conversions, and ultimately builds loyalty.

BURG+CO. Helps Our Partners Put Content in Place in 3 Easy Steps

1. Establish Goals

Growth-oriented, purpose-driven content needs to be working toward specific goals. Do you know what yours are? If not, our team will help you establish them.

2. Research & Develop

Researching your potential clients and developing content they find valuable and that drives them to become actual partners goes hand in hand. Our team will help you both research your demographic and leverage that research into growth-oriented, purpose-driven content that adds value for your audience and propels them down the path to becoming your client.

3. Publish & Monitor

After your content is created, it will still need to be published on the right channels. It will also need to be monitored to ensure that it’s helping move your business toward its goals. Our BURG+CO. team helps you determine the best places to publish your content, who to partner with to reach a greater audience, and how to leverage it to gain new clients.

Discover how our team can put these steps to work for you.

What Is Content Marketing All About?

Content marketing is a digital marketing discipline that involves creating purposeful, engaging content that helps businesses reach goals like:

Building Brand Awareness

People won’t partner with your brand if they don’t know about it. Content that targets the challenges your potential clients need to address and presents your brand as offering value in helping them meet those challenges helps build an awareness of your brand. And growing brand awareness leads to a greater number of people seeking the services you provide.

Building Brand Loyalty

Once you’ve partnered with clients to address one challenge, you want to position your business as being able to continue to help them address other challenges they’re facing. Informative content allows you to continue presenting your business as an ongoing solution to your clients’ issues, which helps boost their loyalty to your brand.

Building Support for Your Deeper Purpose

Clients know when a business sees them as simply a revenue number, and when it sees them as true partners who can help the business support its deeper purpose: helping people. In part, this is because purpose-driven practices make it a point to infuse their content with their deeper purpose, and having this type of content on their side allows them to more easily generate the revenue that supports their deeper purpose.

Ready to start building a conversion strategy that allows your business to meet these challenges and much more?

Content We Can Create for You

Digital Resource Content

Digital resources are highly sought after by businesses of all sizes. They have more sustainability, longevity and revisability than traditional print content. As a result, digital content can be far more effective at ranking highly in search results, which is where 93% of people start their online interactions.

Some of the digital resources we can help your business build include:

  • Blog posts.
  • Social media content.
  • White papers.
  • Infographics.
  • Video content.

Print Content

Print content still has a place in a content marketing strategy. It allows you to provide potential partners you meet with in person with a physical reminder of the value your business can offer them. Our team can help you build vibrant printed content that displays your business’s value every time a potential partner glances at it and helps you turn them from a potential partner to an actual partner.

Email Marketing Content

In a world where the average person gets between 100 and 120 emails per day (and that’s not counting spam!), creating emails that your potential partners will actually open can be a challenge. Our team can help you craft emails with content that appeals to the needs and challenges of your potential partners. We can also help you target potential partners who are the most likely to engage with your brand.

Video Content

Don’t think your potential partners watch online videos? Think again! A whopping 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s videos. Our BURG+CO. team is ready to take advantage of your potential partners’ drive to watch brand videos by helping you create branded video content that’s informative, builds trust, displays the value you can bring and helps your brand’s deeper purpose shine through.

Start getting the content your brand needs to build its awareness and bring in more partners.