Public Relations

PR that’s growth oriented and purpose driven boosts brand visibility, helping build trust in potential customers.

BURG+CO. Helps Our Partners Put a PR Strategy in Place in 3 Easy Steps

1. Auditing Current PR Strategy

Just like gaining more conversions or improving search engine optimization (SEO), effective PR requires a cohesive and personalized approach. Our team can take a close look at your PR strategy to determine what is working and what isn’t.

2. Building a Custom PR Strategy

Once we have an idea of what’s not working in your current PR strategy, we’ll put our PR experts to work to create a more effective, brand-conscious PR strategy for your business.

3. Implementing Your Custom PR Strategy

We don’t just help you build a custom PR strategy. We can help you implement it, too. Our PR experts can become an integral part of small PR teams and help them implement the custom PR strategy designed for your business. They can also act as the PR team for businesses that don’t have an internal PR team.

Discover how our team can put these steps to work for you.

What is PR All About?

PR is a digital marketing discipline that involves putting pieces in place that help build trust with potential partner businesses, potential investors and potential customers. A robust, custom PR strategy can help businesses:

Enhance Brand Integrity

Potential partners, investors and customers look for it. Even search engine algorithms are fixated on it. The perfect blend of expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (EAT). Our custom PR strategies look at where your business is with EAT and work to help you increase it through a variety of different channels.

Build Thought Leadership

When people see a topic that relates to your business, you want them to consciously wonder what your team’s thoughts are. Building such a response requires building thought leadership, which is a primary goal of our personalized PR strategies.

Build a Reputation for Transparency

It’s no longer a secret that customers and potential customers want the businesses they buy from to be transparent. In fact, 86% of people would take their business to a competitor if they felt a company lacked transparency. Our PR strategies can help your business build a reputation for transparency that customers and potential customers are looking for.

Ready to start building a PR strategy that allows your business to meet these goals and much more?

PR Techniques We Can Put to Work for You

Strategic Communications Creation

Our PR experts can help you look at the big picture and create a customized strategic communications plan to help you meet all the goals above and more.

Public Relations Strategies

Your brand is important and valuable, but it’s hard to grow a business if no one knows about you. That’s where we come in — to use custom PR strategies to raise awareness about your purpose-driven brand.

Executive Communications Creation

Speaking at a conference? Need a presentation? People at the executive level of your business may need help with these types of communications. Our team provides them with a resource to ensure that your executive communications are engaging and spotlight your business’s deeper purpose. 

Email Campaign Creation

Internal email campaigns can help keep your executive suite connected to your employees, and external email campaigns are great for keeping current customers engaged and nurturing new leads. Our team can help you create and implement personalized email campaigns that call your targeted audience to action.

Internal Communications

Regular and well-crafted internal communications can help support the culture of your business. Our PR experts can help your company craft the internal communications that are effective culture builders and supporters.

Social Media

Social media is an indispensable tool when it comes to effective public relations. Let our team of PR specialists craft social media posts designed to generate a buzz around your brand.

Event Promotion

Planning an in-person or virtual event? Our team can put together a PR push to generate excitement and interest in your event.

Reputation Management

Building and managing your brand’s reputation is easier with help from our PR specialists. Our specialists can help monitor perceptions of and conversations about your business, respond to reputation threats, and proactively seize opportunities to boost your brand’s reputation.

Brand Journalism

Thought leader brands make it a point to talk about industry-specific topics in ways that inform and build trust with potential clients. Our PR experts can help craft brand journalism pieces that meet these needs and more.

Crisis Communications

No business wants to deal with a crisis, but if one hits, you’ll need to respond swiftly and thoughtfully to it. Our team of PR specialists can help your brand create crisis communications that rapidly and directly address the specific crisis you’re facing.

Media Relations

Having a positive relationship with the media is a plus for any business. Our PR team can help create a media relations strategy for your business that’s designed to educate media outlets about your brand and report your company’s objectives, accomplishments, and management team accomplishments.

Investor Relations

Building and maintaining positive relationships with investors is critical for a business. Our investor relations specialists can help your business create content that delivers an accurate picture of your business so investors can make informed decisions.

Come find out more about the PR strategies our team can use to help boost your brand awareness and improve your ability to grow.