We exist to serve our community. And we exist to help you grow, so you can better serve your community. Together, we can create something good that has the power to impact lives through generations. 

Why We Do What We Do

Listen, we’re really damn good at what we do. We don’t say that lightly; we have the stats to prove it. But all the talent in the world means nothing if we are just using it to convince people to buy another pair of sunglasses (no offense to sunglasses marketers). We are accountable for how we use our talents in this life, and we choose to use them to help others live their best lives possible. And best lives are available when people have access to and ownership over their health care options.

For us, choosing health care marketing was a no-brainer. We are helping individuals live better, happier lives, unlocking information so people can have their basic needs met, and working with clients who have a heart for helping others.

Our Process

We’re not in the business of gaining quick wins and then dipping out. We’re building lasting partnerships with people who want to continue to grow and expand over the years. Here’s how we’ve learned to work with clients who are committed to continued growth and increased ROI over the years:

We meet our clients where they are.

Some clients have no digital marketing strategies in place when we start working with them. Others already have some strategies in place, and some have full-blown digital marketing plans that aren’t returning the results they are looking for. Our team meets each new client where they are in their digital marketing journey and helps them build or even rebuild digital marketing plans intended to create measurable results.

We teach our clients along the way.

We don’t go into a new-client partnership with any preconceived notions about what our client knows or doesn’t know about digital marketing. Our team meets repeatedly with new clients to find out what they know and what they don’t know about digital marketing and then helps them continuously build their digital marketing knowledge and skills. We even offer resource libraries and help onboard new team members for our clients, so we can all work together toward the common goal of practice growth.

We work to become a true extension of our clients’ marketing team.

Many of our clients have a small internal marketing team or even none at all, but we don’t want any of our clients to feel like we’re just another contractor they’re working with. We strive to form close relationships with the members of our clients’ teams and create the free exchange of ideas and information that is a hallmark of becoming a true extension of their teams. We are agile, allowing us to meet the needs of each client as they arise, and to fill in wherever we are needed.

Our Culture

Intentional, purposeful, entrepreneurial, resourceful, fun + friendly. These are the values we’ve built into our company culture at BURG+CO. Marketing, and building such a great culture has some major benefits. It has allowed us to continue drawing in like-minded, highly talented people that come together as one to help drive the success of our company and our partners.