Conversion Strategy

We don’t just drive more traffic; we perfect the user experience to drive more conversions.

BURG+CO. Helps Our Partners Get the Most From Their Websites’ UX/UI

1. Goal Establishment

A growth-oriented, purpose-driven website user experience and user interface need to be working toward specific goals. Do you know what yours are? If not, our team will help you establish them. 

2. UX/UI Auditing

Our team will comb through the UX and UI on your site and pinpoint areas where your UX/UI can be updated to help meet your growth goals.

3. Results Reporting

After your website is audited, our team will compile a comprehensive report that details all the opportunities for UX/UI updates we’ve found on your site.

Discover how our team can put these steps to work for you.

What Is an UX/UI Audit All About?

UX/UI auditing is a web design and development discipline that involves seeking out ways to improve the ability of potential customers to engage with you and become your clients/patients. Having our BURG+CO. team perform a UX/UI audit for your business can help you:

Discover Untapped Growth Potential

You do not want your website to have poor functionality. An industry reports that 42% of respondents reported they’d leave a website that had poor functionality. Our team can identify areas of poor UX/UI functionality during an audit and help you turn those liabilities into growth opportunities.

Ensure That Your Website Incorporates Responsive Web Design

Most websites are responsive these days. But simply having a responsive website that changes size and shape based on screen size is no longer enough. Did you know that people read content and interact with information differently based on what device they are on? Is your user interface accounting for the most scan-style reading on a smartphone with interactive tables of content, higher placement of conversion elements and video options instead of text?

Strengthen Your Brand’s Identity

Customers and potential customers strongly relate a brand’s website with its overall identity. Indeed, 50% of customers believe that a website’s design is vital to a business’s overall brand. A BURG+CO. UX/UI audit allows you to find the areas of your website that need improvement, which can help strengthen your brand’s identity.

Ready to have a UX/UI audit performed that allows your business to meet these goals and much more?

Services We Include in Our UX/UI Audits

Visual Elements Check

Pictures, videos, logos and other visual elements should draw positive attention to your site. Our team can use heat mapping and other tracking tools to analyze how often people are looking at the visuals on your website. We can also identify areas where visual elements like explainer videos might be better placed to help usher people through your site’s conversion funnel.

Mobile-Friendly Check

Nearly 54% of people view websites on mobile devices, so that means your site had better be mobile-friendly. As part of a UX/UI audit, our experts will check to see how mobile-friendly your website is. They’ll also identify and document areas of your site that need to be updated so it will look and function better on mobile devices.

Load Speed Check

Research indicates that 40% of consumers will wait no more than three seconds before abandoning a site. Is your website hitting that threshold? Our team will check your site’s load speed as part of a UX/UI audit, and they can provide options for improving your load speed if your site is loading slowly.

Conversion Elements Check

Making forms and other conversion elements easily accessible to visitors of your site is crucial if you want more visitors to become your clients. Our team can review the pages of your site to determine if your conversion elements are placed in the most advantageous spots on your site. We’ll even identify areas where a well-designed conversion element might help boost the number of conversions you’re bringing in.

Start making sure your site’s UX/UI is set up for growth.