Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO that’s growth oriented and purpose driven boosts brand visibility, drives traffic to websites, and puts people on the path to becoming customers.

BURG+CO. Helps Our Partners Put a SEO Strategy in Place in 3 Easy Steps

1. Keyword Research

Do you know what people are typing into search engines to find the products and/or services your business offers? Our experienced SEO specialists can research keywords that are relevant to your business and build your SEO strategy around them.

2. Create User- & Search Algorithm-Friendly Content

Creating search engine optimized content is a balancing act. The content needs to appeal to the people who will be interacting with your content. It also needs to catch the electronic eyes of search engine algorithms. Our team can help you create content that provides valuable information to your potential and current customers, and we can also create compelling, keyword-rich titles, meta descriptions and URLs designed to grab the attention of search engines.

3. Optimize for Mobile

Nearly 59% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, so odds are your potential clients are looking for you on their mobile devices. Our team helps you optimize your website and its content for mobile users in ways that make it easier for them to become your clients.

Discover how our team can put these steps to work for you.

What is SEO all About?

SEO is a digital marketing discipline that involves putting pieces in place that help your potential partners and search engines find businesses more easily. A robust, custom SEO strategy can help businesses:

Optimize Websites

Mobile users account for almost 59% of internet traffic, and 45% of customers say businesses with slow-loading websites left them with a poor impression of the business. These are important points to keep in mind when optimizing your website. Our BURG+CO. team can help optimize your website so that it ranks highly in search results. We’ll do so by ensuring that it contains content that’s valuable and enticing to your potential customers, loads as rapidly as possible for both desktop and mobile users, and is easy to navigate.

Research Keywords & Produce Valuable Content

It’s vital to research keywords related to your products and services. Doing so helps you learn more about what your potential partners are searching for. Additionally, keyword research allows you to build content that’s full of valuable information that pertains to the challenges your potential partners are facing.

Build Backlinks

Search engine algorithms will take a look at inbound links or backlinks when indexing websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). Sites that have a host of backlinks from credible sites will be viewed as more trustworthy and authoritative and will rank higher. Our team can help you build SEO strategies and content that encourages backlinking from credible sites.

Ready to start building content that allows your business to meet these goals and much more?

SEO Techniques We Can Put to Work for You

Keyword Research & Integration

A major piece of SEO is the ability to increase the visibility of your site and content in search results. A key factor in this ability is researching and integrating relevant, high-performing keywords into your site and content. Our team uses high-quality research tools to pinpoint the highest-performing keywords for your business. Then, our team takes steps to integrate those keywords into:

  • Your blog posts.
  • Your social media content. 
  • Your white papers. 
  • Your infographics.
  • Your video content scripts and titles.
  • The backend of your website.


Our team can take steps to create valuable website pages and other content that other credible websites will want to link to. Such links are called backlinks, inbound links or incoming links. Backlinking is an effective way to signal Google’s algorithms that your content or site has been deemed valuable by other sites. In turn, this can help your site seem more authoritative and trustworthy to Google’s search engine algorithms and lead to a higher rank in search results. 

Internal Linking

Our SEO specialists can help build an extensive web of internal linking connecting every page on your site to other relevant pages. Creating this internal linking structure makes it much easier for search engines to understand your website, and a better understanding of your site can lead to higher rankings in search results. 

Technical SEO

Most people will never see the backend of your website, but correctly setting up your website’s backend can help your website rank high in search results. Using a site audit, our team can pinpoint areas on the backend of your website that need to be addressed to improve SEO. We can then take steps to address these technical SEO issues. During new site builds, we can take steps to ensure that all necessary backend information is filled out for every page on your site. A few of the technical SEO tasks we can take on include: 

  • Adding, reviewing and updating site maps. 
  • Adding or updating Robots.txt files. 
  • Filling out or updating meta information like meta descriptions, title tags, and alt tags.
  • Adding or updating structured data. 

Come find out more about the SEO strategies our team can use to help boost your brand awareness and improve your search result rankings.