Conversion Strategy

A conversion strategy, at its best, is a hand-in-hand walk with your audience through each decision of the patient journey until you have established not just a new patient, but an advocate.

BURG+CO. Helps Our Partners Put a Conversion Strategy in Place in 3 Easy Steps

1. Current Strategy and Site Audit

Our search engine optimization (SEO) and web development experts will take a hard look at your current SEO strategy and website. Our goals will be to familiarize ourselves with what you’re doing now and determine where updates are necessary to meet your goals.

2. Strategy and Site Update Recommendations

After thoroughly auditing every part of your SEO strategy and every page of your site, our team will have gathered a wealth of data. We will then use this data to present recommendations to you in the form of a customized conversion strategy. This strategy will include all the valuable updates you can make to your SEO strategy and website now and recommendations about ongoing SEO and website upkeep.

3. Conversion Strategy Implementation

Once your custom conversion strategy has been presented and completely explained to you, our team can take steps to put it to work for you. Our web dev specialists can work with your internal team to make the required changes to your website or make the changes for you if you have no internal team. Also, our SEO professionals can work with your internal team to plug the gaps in your SEO strategy or even provide the materials to do so if you’re lacking an internal SEO team.

Discover how our team can put these steps to work for you.

What Is Conversion Strategy All About?


Our idea of a conversion strategy is a bit different from what you may have heard before. You see, there are so many businesses out there who focus solely on SEO and driving traffic to their websites. Yet they’re surprised to discover that they aren’t getting the conversions they expected in spite of high search rankings and increased site traffic.

Our team has experienced exactly that issue with previous clients, so we went looking for the answer. What we found is that this scenario was most often caused by gaps in the user experience (UX) or user interface (UI) on the client’s website. So, we married our effective SEO strategies with web development that constantly monitors the site and how visitors are using it. By combining high-performance SEO with effective web development, our conversion strategies allow businesses to address challenges like:

Lower Than Expected Conversion Rates

What businesses consider a conversion varies from business to business. Let’s take health care providers for example. These businesses typically consider calls for appointments, filling out request appointment forms and filling out free screening request forms as a conversion. Our team will help drive traffic to your site via a customized SEO strategy and configure your site’s pages into vibrant and intuitive platforms that make it easier for visitors to convert. In fact, our conversion strategies tend to increase conversions by 46% on average after six months.

Low to No Return on Your Investment

No business likes to hear that they aren’t recouping their investment. Our team will create a personalized conversion strategy for your business that’s designed to boost your conversions by 46% on average after six months. And a higher conversion rate means a much higher return on your investment. Our historical data shows that one client saw an ROI of over 9,859% after six months after implementing one of our conversion strategies.

Web Pages That Aren’t Optimized for Conversions

Are your web pages optimized for conversions? Our web development experts can help you answer this vital question. They can also help you update or even rebuild your website so that it’s fully optimized and makes it easier for potential clients to convert. Additionally, our experts can help you gain other key benefits like increased site speed, better mobile optimization, and more.

Ready to start building a conversion strategy that allows your business to meet these challenges and much more?

Pieces We Can Weld Together to Form Custom Conversion Strategies

UX/UI Audits

Our web development team will perform a comprehensive UX/UI audit as part of our conversion strategy creation process. This initial audit is designed to pinpoint UX/UI issues that are driving customers from your site. Our team can also include periodic UX/UI audits into your custom conversion strategy. This allows us to monitor your site’s performance, provide you with helpful site data, and catch any UX/UI or other site issues that pop up.

Website Upkeep

Our regular UX/UI and general site audits can pinpoint issues on your site so they can be dealt with. Don’t have the web dev resources to act on the issues we find? We can help with that, too. Our web dev specialists can take the steps necessary to address the issues that appear in regular site audits.

A/B Testing

Building multiple versions of website elements such as forms or even whole pages of a site can complicate the build process. Or at least that’s what many businesses think. However, our WD&D team has the experience and tools to easily create multiple versions of key website components and pages. This allows you to A/B test the different versions with your site users and choose the one that works best for them. 

EMR Integration

Integrating an electronic medical record (EMR) system into your health care website can be highly beneficial for your team and your patients. To help your health care practice and your patients realize the benefits that EMR integration can provide, BURG+CO.’s WD&D team will help you create a website that has WebPT, Better PT and other leading health care EMR systems integrated seamlessly into it. 

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