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Hard Data and ROI Reporting

Marketing numbers are all fluff unless you can assign a hard ROI to each campaign you’re pushing. At BURG+CO. Marketing, that’s exactly what we do. We would never make a marketing decision for ourselves without closely monitoring the ROI, so why would we expect our clients to do any different? Each campaign we run — all the way down to the individual blogs we post — has tracked ROI, so we can help you make educated decisions about your marketing efforts.

That being said, we also like to track the ROI for campaigns because our marketing works, and this allows us to showcase the numbers that back up our confidence in what we do.

Who We Work With

Our mission is to identify big-picture gaps in our world, and then partner with companies that are making big moves to change the way industries interact with people. Whether it’s health care organizations making care more accessible to patients, or mining companies finding a way to maintain net-zero emissions by changing the game, we’ve had the honor of partnering with some pretty incredible organizations. Check out some of the amazing missions we’ve helped push forward.


What’s the first thing you do when you experience something amazing? You tell your friends. Or, in the case of our clients, you tell the entire internet world the awesome results you achieved by partnering with BURG+CO.


“Our appointment request form fills went from about 5 per week to 15-20 per week within five weeks of flipping our site to one of Burg + Co.’s conversion-optimized websites. This past month, we have regularly received more than 30 conversions on our website each week. We have been able to open five new locations between 2019-2021. Burg + Co. has helped support our internal team so we can reach these goals together.”

Back in Motion Physical Therapy

“Our organic conversions have doubled in the past year from working with Burg + Co. Marketing. We regularly see 50-75 organic website conversions per week from people who found us through Google search, and we see 80-120 website form fills and phone calls each week, which is more than a 300% increase in the past two years.”


“Burg + Co. Marketing tripled our organic traffic in the past year from 12,000 visitors per month to more than 40,000 people per month. We have been able to open four new locations in the past two years, even during COVID-19 when other practices were struggling. We appreciate the support that Burg + Co. has given our internal team throughout the years as we all work hard to reach new growth and gain more patients.”

Advent PT

“We saw a 3x increase in form fill on our website within four weeks of flipping our site over to one of Burg + Co.’s conversion-optimized website templates. We were able to open three new locations from 2019-2021. Our team worked tirelessly to hit these goals, and we appreciate the cohesive help from Burg + Co. on the organic side of our marketing strategy.”

Armor PT

Over the past several years, the Burg & Co. Marketing team has become a seamless extension of our in-house team. We have seen +74% growth in new patients specifically from our website appointment forms over the past three years — a direct correlation to the SEO work that the Burg & Co. team has put forward. Together, we’ve increased our ROI by +170% — and even saw significant traffic growth over last year which was impacted by COVID-19. I strongly recommend that any healthcare company work with the Burg & Co. team if they want to see tangible results from their marketing efforts.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

Burg & Co has been amazing to work with to say the least. They have integrated with our internal team to create seamless processes. Any project or task that they have been given they have hit deadlines but most of all exceed expectations. If you are looking for a true partner that will help move your business forward this is the team you are looking for.

Lung Health Institute

Working with Burg & Co. Marketing has been a pleasure. [The team] has been very forthcoming with advice on how to improve our web presence and has been helping us get a better grasp on building our brand awareness in our local area. They view themselves as an extension of our own office and will help out our existing employees to take over certain aspects of our online marketing when the time is right. I would definitely recommend their services.

Amit Gaglani, Owner, Arrow Physical Therapy

“Our organic traffic has doubled in the past year from working with Burg + Co. Marketing. We went from about 500 organic visitors per week to 1,100 per week by the end of the year. This increase resulted in increased patients and website conversions.”

Excel Sports and Physical Therapy

“Burg + Co. Marketing tripled the number of organic conversions we get each week through our website. In Q1 of 2021, we would get about 3-5 form fills on the site, but now we are getting 15-20 organic conversions on our website each week.”

Border PT

The Burg + Co team is fantastic. I work for a small non-profit, and [Burg + Co.] has done an incredible job of increasing our presence online. Their SEO and social media strategy has put us on top in our field.

Chris Olson, Unfiltered Radio | Centerpoint Church

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