Meaningful Digital Marketing Services

Attract. Engage. Grow.
That’s what we help you do.

BURG+CO. has built a range of digital marketing services that are meaningful for our clients and their customers alike. Our services provide our partners with the means to tell their purpose-driven stories and drive measurable growth while offering meaningful value to their potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization

 Businesses underestimate search engine optimization (SEO) at their peril. The reason? Nearly 90% of people search businesses online before committing to purchasing from a brand. In fact, Google estimates that there is a health care-related search every second of every day. BURG+CO.’s SEO services are designed to help your website be found by people searching for the things you’re an expert in. Your website can climb search rankings in just a few short months and start bringing in a wealth of qualified leads thanks to powerful, proven SEO techniques like pain point-targeted keywords, internal/external link building, rich schema submission and more.

Content Marketing

Content is a key part of the UX/UI experience on your website. Our content is intended to effortlessly guide visitors into and nurture them at every stage of your conversion funnel. We meet these goals by creating customized blog, web page, social media and video content that helps educate your potential patients and works to advance the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of your brand. We identify what the top hesitancies are that keep them from scheduling an appointment, and then we both address and build trust through those issues to ultimately lead them to your clinic doors.

Web Design & Development

A visually striking, engaging website with perfectly placed conversion elements. That’s the goal that so many businesses are striving to achieve. Our website design & development service provides your company with the means to realize this website vision. We’ll begin by analyzing the behaviors of your current and potential customers. Next, our web development and design team will create a site for you that’s ready to wow people and turn them into loyal customers. Our team can even help you manage your website so that you don’t have to stress about day-to-day tasks like backend updates.

Conversion Strategy

All of the website traffic in the world doesn’t mean anything if you’re not bringing in new patients. We use data-backed marketing strategies like educational, authoritative content, rank-building SEO techniques and polished UX/UI to create the perfect conversion environment for turning potential customers into purchasers. Our goal isn’t just to lead people to your website — it’s to perfect the user experience to lead people into your clinic.

UX/UI Audit

An intuitive, well-designed user interface (UI). A superlative, lead-driving user experience (UX). Both are vital to businesses that are keen to grow sustainably, but you may not be sure that your website is hitting these two important marks. That’s why our marketing and web development specialists have collaborated to create our UX/UI auditing service. This service is tailor-made to comb through your website and expose issues that are bringing down your site’s UX and/or UI so they can be addressed.

Public Relations

Steering through the turbulent waters of digital public relations can be difficult if you don’t have a digital PR expert on your team. Our digital PR service allows you to let our experts pilot you through the PR seas as well as helping your business find the right outlets for your digital PR communications. You can even get help with creating branded digital PR content that sends the precise message your business wants to send.

Video Content Creation

Did you know that 88% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s videos? Our BURG+CO. team can help you benefit from this fact. We can help your brand create short explainer videos, video quizzes and video FAQs that are unique to your business. All the video content we create is designed to help our partners inform, build trust with their potential clients, display the value you can offer and help the deeper purpose of your brand shine through.