Why trends matter: How you can use trends to optimize your content marketing

Why trends matter: How you can use trends to optimize your content marketing

Trends play a significant role in the success of any industry, from fashion to tourism. When it comes to content marketing, understanding how trends are influencing your results can help you determine which ones are worth incorporating into your own strategy.

When you think about the word “trend,” it’s probably connected to other words like “short-term” and “temporary.” While those usually aren’t the terms that you want associated with a business strategy, you can use trends to your advantage to optimize your content. If used correctly, content marketing trends can improve your engagement, brand awareness and conversions.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the benefits of paying attention to content marketing trends as well as content trends that we’re seeing in 2024.

How content marketing trends play a role in your strategy success

When you’re trying to optimize your content marketing strategy, trends are always worth considering. The preferences and online behaviors of users are always changing and evolving right along with technological capabilities and creative software. If you’re not keeping up with current content marketing trends that have shown success, your content can become stale or fall through the cracks between competitors. 

Trends can help you optimize your content marketing strategy by:

  • Staying relevant with your customers for loyalty and retention.
  • Gaining a competitive edge by standing out from the rest.
  • Boosting your rankings on search engine result pages, as algorithms prioritize relevancy.
  • Understanding your customers’ wants and needs for increased retention and revenue.
  • Increasing engagement on social media by sharing relevant and compelling content.
  • Improving the targeting of your content for your intended audience.

2024 content marketing trends worth exploring

Now that we’ve talked about why trends can be key to your strategy, let’s dive into what those trends actually are. It’s important that you incorporate trends that work with your audience, brand and content distribution channels. Here are a few content marketing trends that have been successful in helping businesses increase their engagement, traffic and conversions:

  • Starting a podcastMore than 70 million people listened to podcasts in 2023. You can add a new way for customers to access your content by creating a podcast that covers relevant topics. For example, a clothing company can have a podcast discussing fashion trends, influences and manufacturing practices. A podcast episode can also expand on the information presented in a blog post.
  • Focusing on video content — There’s a high probability that you’ve watched at least one online video today. Video is one of the most prevalent types of content in marketing because it can be utilized for every type of business. You can post informative videos to accompany a blog post, or you can post a fun “day in the office” reel on Instagram. Figure out what works for your distribution channels and prioritize them in your strategy.
  • Testing out user-generated content — If you’re trying to appeal to a customer demographic, you can go straight to the source for content. User-generated content refers to reposting content from existing customers as promotion. This can mean sharing a photo of a customer using your product or featuring them in a newsletter. It boosts your credibility by showing how you’re helping current customers with a stamp of approval.
  • Keeping it interactive — One of the best ways to boost both engagement and conversions is to keep your customers intrigued through interactive content. Giving them something to take action on through your content, such as a survey or a quiz, will help deepen their interest. It also provides valuable insight and data about what they’re looking for.

At BURG+CO., our content marketing services will help you incorporate the right trends into your strategy to optimize your SEO and help move your bottom line. From new video content ideas to interactive blog posts, we’ll help you do it all.

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