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Our health care website solution upgrades every digital aspect of a site’s patient experience.

How it works

Step 1

Choose a conversion-optimized website template.

Step 2

Pick your ongoing marketing package.

Step 3

Bring in more patients.

Increase Patient Appointments

Fully Optimized Website

Every health care provider wants to increase the number of patients who are scheduling appointments with them, and a BURG+CO. health care website is designed to do just that. The websites we can help your practice build will be highly optimized to encourage high ranking in search engines and ensure an outstanding user experience.

Targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All the website templates we’ve built are based on proven results from applying SEO principles to our health care clients’ websites, and these principles are key to building a site that’s designed to provide predictable patient growth. Want to boost your appointment numbers even more? BURG+CO. can create blogs, social media posts and other forms of digital content to help you get the word out about your practice, and all the content we create incorporates the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and practices. 

Manage Your Location(s)

 Google Business Profile(s) Optimization and Management

Managing information about your clinic location or locations is vital to getting new patients to visit them. That’s why BURG+CO. health care sites are designed to help you highlight and promote every one of your locations. We even offer SEO packages that include help setting up and managing Google Business Profiles (formerly known as Google My Business) for all your locations.

Reputation Management

A major part of managing your locations is governing the reputation of your health care practice. To help you meet this vital need, BURG+CO. offers reputation management as a service in several of our SEO packages, and this service is intended to help your practice build marketing/remarketing email campaigns, help highlight and encourage 5-star reviews, and help you catch and address negative reviews. 

Create Patient Advocates

Patient Testimonial Acquisition

It feels wonderful when patients give your practice or locations 5-star reviews, but BURG+CO. knows that turning positive reviewers into patient advocates takes some extra work. Fortunately, we offer SEO packages that can help you create more patient advocates with much less work on your part. Our team can help you easily and quickly build email campaigns designed to bring in positive patient testimonials to your website and your Google Business Profile. Additionally, we can ensure that your positive patients testimonials are prominently and clearly presented on your website and in your Google Business Profile where they can help boost your new patient acquisition efforts.

Referral Campaign Setup

Word-of-mouth referrals are still a potent way of bringing in new patients, but many times satisfied patients need some prompting to refer their friends or family members to your health care practice. Our referral email campaigns are tailor-made to provide the prompting your patients need to become advocates for your practice. We can work with you to craft an email that’s just right for your patients and advise you on incentives you could offer patients who are willing to refer others to your practice. 

Streamline EMR Integration

WebPT Website Integration

BURG+CO. knows just how revolutionary having the ability to digitally manage appointments, streamline billing and more is for health care providers and their patients. That’s why our team is ready and willing to help you integrate WebPT into your new website. Even better, taking this step helps ensure your site is HIPAA compliant, allowing your patients to be secure in the knowledge that their private information will remain private. 

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System Integration

Integrating an electronic medical record (EMR) system into your website can be highly beneficial for your team and your patients. These systems can help your practice streamline its registration and record updating processes and allow you to track patients from the time they first start interacting with your site until they walk through your doors for their appointment. They’re also designed to offer patients greater flexibility in updating their records and enhanced record transparency. To help your health care practice and your patients realize these benefits and more, BURG+CO. will help you create a website that includes WebPT, Better PT and other leading health care EMR systems.