What are longtail keywords? Here’s what you need to know

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a little notorious for its high frequency of buzzwords. From “link juice,” which refers to a page with a search ranking value for hyperlinks, to “white hat” and “black hat”, which refer to ethical and unethical SEO tactics, respectively, it can be hard to keep up. One term you might have come across more frequently in recent years is “longtail keywords.” 

The most basic definition of longtail keywords is typically that they are three- or four-word phrases that indicate a more specific search than broader keywords. They are called longtail, because they represent the long tail of a search volume chart. While general keywords represent far higher search volumes, the lower volume specific search phrases are a long tail that trails off behind this bigger head.

Why are longtail keywords important for your marketing strategy?

Since they can represent a far lower volume of search results than shorter, general keywords for your industry or field, you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. Well, knowledgeable SEO researchers go after longtail keywords for two big reasons: 

  • Lower competition — Longtail keywords often represent an unharvested land for many businesses. While competitors are fighting over the high-traffic keywords, your business can rank and drive traffic for these still significant search phrases. The “long” part of the long tail means that in the aggregate, the total volume of these searches will potentially be higher than going solely after general keywords. 
  • Higher conversion — Since longtail keywords represent more specific phrases, targeting the right one can mean traffic that is more primed and ready for what your organization has to offer. A classic example is instead of targeting “shoes” as a keyword, targeting the longtail keyword “red shoes cost” results in an audience with a much higher likelihood of purchasing your red shoes. 

Adding a robust longtail keyword strategy to your SEO portfolio can help you smash lead generation and sales goals by attracting not only a larger audience, but one that is more likely to convert. 

Of course, one reason why more companies don’t invest in longtail keywords is that the research and analysis involved can often be costly and time consuming. This is why so many high-performing businesses so often turn to the support of a dedicated digital marketing partner. 

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