The importance of strategic marketing in the healthcare industry

The importance of strategic marketing in the healthcare industry

When it comes to the healthcare industry, there’s strategizing in many different aspects. For example, it’s important to be strategic about how a patient is treated. You want to minimize long-term side effects while maximizing the positive impact on their condition. But when it comes to the business side of healthcare, such as marketing, strategizing is also essential.

The goal of strategic marketing in a healthcare facility is to expand your reach so that you can help as many people along their health and wellness journey as possible. This can only be accomplished by understanding the role that strategic marketing plays in your business plan. You also need to know how to optimize your results from your marketing efforts with the right tools.

We’ll talk about the role that strategic marketing can play in the success of a healthcare facility. We’ll also discuss tools that you can explore for strategic planning in healthcare.

Why strategic marketing is important in the healthcare industry 

Strategic marketing shows that your efforts are effective in increasing your revenue through patient acquisition and retention. This means creating marketing strategies that promote your services to the right demographics in a variety of avenues. These may include content marketing, social media and search engine optimization. 

Strategic marketing is important if you have a business in the healthcare industry because it provides you with many benefits for your bottom line, including:

  • Creating efforts for sustainable goals and growth
  • Building and strengthening patient-provider relationships between sessions
  • Boosting your search engine result page rankings for relevant keywords
  • Spreading important healthcare information
  • Increasing your site traffic and conversion rates
  • Gaining an understanding of your patients and how you can provide them with value
  • Improving your reputation and credibility online 
  • Gaining a competitive edge by capitalizing on the gaps in your competitors’ marketing 
  • Increasing brand awareness and recognition
  • Maximizing return on investment for marketing efforts

Tools that can help your healthcare facility with strategic marketing

It’s time to talk about how you go about the process. There’s a lot that can go into strategic marketing. It covers everything from building a strategizing team to analyzing the measurable results. The most effective and reasonable course of action is to find a tool that can guide you through every step.

Here are a few tools that can help you implement, launch and measure strategic marketing efforts:

  • SWOT analysis — A common yet effective tool for strategic marketing is a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis, or SWOT. By identifying each of these elements, you can gain a better understanding of your position in the healthcare industry as compared to competitors and how you can move forward. It can help you determine how to focus your efforts and set attainable goals.
  • Ansoff matrix — A comprehensive framework for your growth strategy can be found using the Ansoff matrix. It’s also known as the product/market expansion grid. It provides you with different ways to approach your strategic marketing healthcare: market development, market penetration, diversification and product development.
  • PESTEL analysis PESTEL stands for political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal. The concept of the PESTEL analysis is to look at how each of these factors impacts your healthcare business. It can be used as a framework for your marketing strategies.

At BURG+CO., we not only understand the importance of strategic marketing in the healthcare industry, but we also understand the best way to put the right strategy into action. That means using every tool at our disposal. We want to make sure that your healthcare business gains as much online traffic, brand awareness and conversions as possible. We’ll walk you through every step, from defining the goals of your marketing strategy to analyzing the performance of your efforts.

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