5 reasons why natural user interface can improve your SEO

The simple approach is often the best in many situations, from resolving issues to making everyday decisions. When people go online to learn information, they’re often drawn to simple sources that are accessible and straightforward. Your marketing strategy should meet people where they are. It can reduce the risk of them feeling overwhelmed or talked down to by your information.

Natural user interface (NUI) refers to a concept in computing that means that the interface encourages natural interaction with the user through voice, movements or touch. The goal is for the user to reduce their cognitive efforts during computer interactions while still absorbing the new information. Essentially, it blends computer interaction into everyday life without excessive effort or technological knowledge.

We’ll take a look at how your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can benefit from natural user interface.

5 ways that your SEO can be improved using natural user interface

There are many types of natural user interface that have become more and more prevalent over the last few years. A common example is a voice assistant, such as Siri for Apple products and Alexa for Amazon smart devices. There are also NUIs such as interactive exhibits at museums and wearable technology.

When it comes to SEO, a natural user interface can help increase engagement and interaction with your site user as a way to boost your rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). At BURG+CO., we can help you determine how you can incorporate a natural user interface into your SEO strategy.

Here are five ways that natural user interface can improve your SEO:

  • Improve user experience — One of the most essential contributing factors to search engine rankings is user experience. This can include ease of navigation, design and security. A natural user experience can improve a user’s experience with your site through intuitive navigation by following their natural patterns. This makes it easy for them to move from page to page, boosting the likelihood of a conversion.
  • Promote effective content ranking — You want to gear your content toward users who are potential or current customers, making the content accessible and informative enough to help them see how your business can provide value. But when it comes to SEO, it’s also important that the algorithms can effectively access your content for ranking and indexing purposes. NUI helps the algorithm find your content and effectively determine how to rank you for relevant SERPs.
  • Increase time on page — NUIs do an effective job of increasing engagement with a user due to accessibility and ease of obtaining information. By keeping users naturally navigating with your site, you’re increasing their engagement, which translates to a high time-on-page rate. When a search engine recognizes how long a user is engaging with one of your pages, the algorithm sees your pages as high quality and will increase your rankings.
  • Boost mobile usability — Did you know that more than 75% of people said that they will revisit a site if it’s easy to use on their cellphone? Since many people use their phones to use search engines on a daily basis, it’s important that your site is optimized for mobile use. NUI capabilities are often led by a cellphone application, making it easier for mobile users to find the information they need on your site.
  • Increase speed of information — Let’s be honest. In the digital age, we want our information faster than the blink of an eye. NUIs make it quick and easy to access a search engine by talking to a smart device or doing a certain movement on your phone. SEO also involves a fast page loading time for a low bounce rate and increased engagement.

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