Three mistakes to avoid in your email marketing campaigns

Do you use email to engage with your clients? Do you find that your email campaigns frequently fail to deliver the results you’d like? You’re not alone. Creating successful email marketing campaigns is quite a challenge, but with a little guidance and tips, anyone can make emails that drive traffic back to their site.

The problem is, a lot of people make some simple, avoidable mistakes in their email marketing campaigns. We hate to see these mistakes frustrate marketers over and over again, so we’d like to help by highlighting some mistakes below that you need to take measures to avoid.

Three email marketing campaign mistakes to avoid

  1. No personalization — Have you ever received a generic copy-and-paste email? Did you engage with it? Probably not. Your audience probably won’t either.
    Many email campaigns platforms, such as Mailchimp, allow users to insert personalization elements into their email campaigns. This goes beyond automatically inserting a name in the email. For example, you can segment your audience by type. If you have designers, engineers and executives in your target audience, you can segment your emails to deliver specific content to these different audiences while ultimately driving them to the same goal.
  2. Your expectations are too highAverage open rates and click rates in email campaigns are nothing glorious. The average open rate is between 15% to 25%. The average click-through rate is between 2% to 3%.
    Don’t fall into the pit of thinking your emails are failing when the majority of them are unopened. This is normal. However, you might be wondering, is it really worth it if the open rates are so low? We think so.
    Of the 2% to 3% that click through your emails, they are more serious members of your target audience who are likely to convert. Capturing these leads is invaluable to your digital marketing strategy.
  3. Failure to make an offer — Every email your business sends should include an offer. Let us repeat that for emphasis:
    Every email your business sends should include an offer.
    Whether you offer a coupon, a free download, a video or whatever it might be that is useful to your audience, you always need to include something. This helps to drive engagement with your emails and continue the client journey down the sales funnel.
    Without some kind of offer, your email bounce rates will probably be much higher than you’d like.

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