Three content marketing examples you can use

Content marketing can be a tricky concept to fully understand sometimes. Even a basic definition — creating high-quality content to attract a relevant audience for your business — can be somewhat nebulous. Questions can arise, such as, when does content marketing just turn into advertising? You may even wonder if they’re the same thing. 

Since it comes in so many forms and can be branded or unbranded, sometimes the best way to understand content marketing is through concrete examples. To help, we’re happy to share a quick overview of three content marketing examples that are commonly and successfully used by businesses. 

Examples of effective content marketing 

Types of content marketing that are often utilized by businesses to build authority, boost brand awareness and grow an audience include:

  • Blogs — One of the best ways to reach a wide audience and establish your company and team as thought leaders in your field is through blogging. This can include high-quality posts on your own website and having your leaders and experts guest blog externally. No matter what the platform is, your posts should be written for your intended audience in an authentic way while providing useful information. 
  • White papers — While you may associate them with science and research, white papers can be an effective way to share subject matter expertise in nearly any field. Whether you’re a psychologist or a hairdresser, putting a key idea into a longer form can be a surprisingly effective way to reach people. 
  • E-books — When your idea is too broad or complex to fit into shorter forms of content, an e-book may be just the right size. While your content should always be digestible, if you have a lot to say, and say it the right way, an e-book can create a loyal audience with a deeper understanding of your messaging. If you’re intimidated by the length of an e-book, just remember that it doesn’t have to be “War and Peace” — e-books can be as short or long as you need them to be.

No matter what form or forms of content marketing your business chooses to employ, remember that it’s less about selling and more about building an audience and laying the groundwork for your messaging. Depending on where the piece is intended for your marketing funnel, your brand, products and services can play a role in the above content marketing examples, but it’s important to do so organically and relevantly. 

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