Explore why content is king and marketing is queen

There are plenty of metaphors that are used in relation to digital marketing. The digital marketing funnel may be the most recognizable example, but it’s far from the only one. Another common digital marketing metaphor is: Content marketing is king. Industry statistics definitely agree. One HubSpot report reveals that 70% of marketers cultivate a robust content marketing strategy. However, I would argue that there is a more accurate metaphor for content marketing. This is that content is king and marketing is queen.

Why content is king and marketing is queen

Let’s talk for a second about medieval power structures (yes it is relevant), specifically the governmental system we call a monarchy. Even these structures varied by society, yet they all revolved around the same basic idea: One person was at the top of the power structure. In many societies with monarchies, the person at the top was the king and the queen was the next in line in the power structure. 

So, how does all this medieval power structure talk connect to content marketing? The answer is that I and many of my fellow content marketers would argue that the content part is more powerful than the marketing part. For me, the reason content is king and marketing is queen is that marketing is often thought of as synonymous with selling something. The content piece, on the other hand, can be linked to providing people with information. At BURG+CO. Marketing, our team believes that helping people make informed decisions should come first. Selling them a product or service should come a very distant second. 

Not every marketer will agree with this belief, and that’s OK. Also, this belief doesn’t mean that we aren’t trying to sell anything by creating content for ourselves or our clients. We are a business, and we work with businesses. And businesses need to sell something to make a profit. Yet, for us, the informational content we create is what drives the marketing aspect of the content, not the other way around. Hence, our focus on making content the king and marketing the queen. 

How can you ensure that content is king and marketing is queen? 

There may be other content marketers and digital marketing teams out there that wish to follow this philosophy. If you’re one of them, there are several steps you can take to apply it to your content marketing efforts. Some of these include: 

  • Keeping most of the content general — There are plenty of ways that you can work your goods or services into a piece of content. You can talk about them in relation to a problem your prospective customers need to solve. At the same time, you don’t want to be using language like “our products,” or “the services we offer.” Instead, focus on informing the reader how the product or service can help solve their problem. 
  • Have a company-specific conclusion and CTA — You’ve helped the reader understand how a product or service like the ones you offer can help them. Now, it’s time to wrap up the content. This is where you can talk about your business more specifically. You can mention that you offer products or services like those discussed in the rest of the content. It’s also a good idea to include a call to action, or CTA. This is a concluding sentence or two that encourages the reader to get in touch with your business. Having these pieces in place helps draw a line between the customer’s problem, the information you’ve given them, and your products or services. 

Using these and other techniques to ensure that content is king and marketing is queen in your content marketing efforts can benefit your business. Applying this philosophy can help you build trust in your prospective customers. After all, you’re showing that you primarily want to inform them, not simply get them to buy what you’re selling. 

Want to ensure that your business’s content is top-notch? BURG+CO. can help

Increasing traffic to your website plays a role in increasing conversions and landing new clients. However, it’s difficult to attract visitors to your site when your site doesn’t offer exceptional content to your customers and prospective customers. Fortunately, content marketing and creation are two of the things we specialize in at BURG+CO.

Our team has years of experience in helping businesses improve their digital presence and content to attract new leads and retain existing ones. If you’re looking to perform better in search engine results, attract more visitors to your site and build a content library that keeps people coming back, we’re ready to talk to you to see how we can help. Contact our team today for more information about our digital marketing services or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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