How your business can convince its clients to become enthusiastic brand ambassadors

How to Become a Brand Ambassador

Simply viewing clients or customers as people to sell products and services to is a thing of the past. Your business’s leadership team has undoubtedly heard that before. However, they may not know exactly how they should be viewing their customers. 

There are a variety of valuable ways a modern business should be viewing its customers. One of the most valuable views from a digital marketing perspective is that of the client as a brand ambassador. 

What is a brand ambassador?

If you search for this question, you’ll find lots of different definitions. One common definition is someone, often a celebrity, hired by a company to promote its brand and its products or services. 

However, that’s not exactly what we mean when we’re talking about brand ambassadors in this post. What we’re talking about is a client who has had such an amazing experience with your brand that they voluntarily promote it to their family, friends, colleagues, etc. 

How will you know when your clients become brand ambassadors?

It’s vital to have some idea of the signs that your clients have in fact become ambassadors for your brand. These signs may differ from business to business. Yet there are some basic signs that tend to appear across all business types. These signs typically include: 

  • Clients are creating thorough and highly positive reviews for your business
  • Customers are willing to provide testimonials for your brand when asked. 
  • Clients are telling other potential clients about your services with no prompting.

5 tips you can use to convince your clients to become ambassadors for your brand

It’s unlikely that clients will simply become ambassadors for your brand without a good deal of work on your part. But how should you start working to turn your customers into brand ambassadors? Here are some tips that can help you start this process: 

  • Develop a deeper purpose for your brand — Customers are searching for businesses that have a deeper purpose beyond selling them products and services. One research study found that 82% of respondents stated that the brands they buy personally stand for a greater mission/purpose. Thus, brands that can create an authentic deeper purpose are more likely to turn clients into brand ambassadors. 
  • Communicate your deeper purpose with every interaction — It’s vital that your brand communicates its deeper purpose in every interaction it has with potential and existing customers. In part, this will mean ensuring that every person in your business understands and buys into your deeper purpose. It also entails having PR, digital marketing and web development professionals who can infuse your purpose into your: 
    • Website.
    • Website content.
    • Blogs, videos, social media posts, etc. 
    • Press releases.
  • Go above and beyond in little ways for your customers — It doesn’t always take huge gestures for your business to show that you care about your customers as people first. Small, personalized gestures often work just as well. For instance, let’s say one of your customer service reps learns in passing that a customer just lost a loved one. They can definitely offer their condolences. But your business can also allow them to go a step further and do something like send flowers to that customer. Little actions like this can help reinforce your business’s deeper purpose and turn that customer into an enthusiastic brand ambassador. 
  • Make your brand easily recognizable — This is what most companies think of when they think of branding. Creating sweet, easily recognizable logos. Crafting the perfect motto or tagline. These are steps you can take that make your brand stand out and allow it to be easily recognizable. Achieving these goals also helps make it easier for your customers to become brand ambassadors because easily recognizable logos, mottos, and taglines are easy to remember and communicate to those they know. 
  • Create effortless sharing opportunities — Getting your customers to take that first step toward becoming a brand ambassador and share your brand with others is always the hardest. Don’t make it even harder. Instead, make taking that step easier. One way to do so is by making it nearly effortless for your customers to share your brand’s content via social media, email and more. For instance, make sure that your website has noticeable sharing icons for all the social media platforms your business is on. 

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Increasing traffic to your website plays a key role in increasing conversions and bringing in new clients. However, turning potential and current clients into brand ambassadors can help your business, too. Fortunately, BURG+CO. excels at helping turn clients into brand ambassadors.

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