Why You Need Social Media for Connecting with Generation Z

Why You Need Social Media for Connecting with Generation Z

A couple of years ago, the internet was buzzing with stories about millennials and how to effectively market to them. Millennials are still a large part of the modern consumer base, but Generation Z is taking over. If you want your business to attract new leads and customers, then you should look into ways you can connect with this newer, younger, very large base of consumers.

One element that separates Generation Z from other generations is their affinity for social media. Sure, people of all ages and types use social media but Gen Z’ers were raised on it. The way that your brand connects with them on social media looks different than what a millennial or Gen X’er may have wanted.

Dos your business offer products or services that can be enjoyed by those in Generation Z? Here are a few tips on how you can use social media to connect with them:

1. Branch out beyond Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world featuring more than 2 billion users. However, studies are showing that Gen Z’ers spend most of their time on Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube.

Consider how you can connect with this audience on these platforms and what kind of advertising tactics you can invest in to attract more followers and leads.

2. Be prepared to get more personal

Gen Z’ers are primarily on social media to connect with friends and build relationships. The more that you can make your brand feel like a personal connection rather than a corporate front, the better connected to you a Gen Z’er will feel.

Share images and stories about office life and employee celebrations to give your brand’s social media accounts a more human touch.

Also, Gen Z’ers are accustomed to expect personalized ads based on their preferences and shopping history. Unlike other generations that are more uncomfortable with this kind of data tracking, Gen Z’ers don’t mind, so don’t be afraid to offer them what they want.

3. Give them a chance to speak

Gen Z’ers are more likely to provide feedback about a product or service on social media than any other generation. Make sure you develop a strategy for listening to their voices and constructively responding to their feedback.

Let Burg & Co. help you connect with Gen Z on social media

Are you interested in reaching this large, young audience with your digital marketing strategy? Contact us today to discover how we can help you create effective social media strategies to help reach Generation Z to increase your web traffic, conversion rates and ROI.

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