Why is content marketing important in the digital age?

The growth of digital media has made it easier for businesses large and small to get their message out there. There’s so much information out there now that “information overload” is a common watchword. 

This is why content marketing is important. A cohesive, high-quality digital content strategy can help your organization stand out from the background noise of information in the digital age. 

To help you better understand how content marketing and digital platforms can enable you to reach a wider audience, build a loyal following and increase your conversion rates, we’re sharing a quick overview of some common forms of content that can be successfully employed. 

What types of content marketing continue to be important? 

While the term “content marketing” is a fairly recent invention, the idea of using a platform to share useful information and build awareness for a brand or organization is much older. With digital communication, there are now more options than ever to share your content with an extremely wide audience, including: 

  • Blogs — From sharing an important company update, to one of your leaders sharing their business philosophy, to a list of common customer problems in your industry, blogs are a fantastic way to build authority and demonstrate subject matter expertise. They can also be easily shared through social media, email and other forms of communication. 
  • Landing pages — Need to share complex information in a visually digestible form? Want to segment your audience and direct them clearly to the next place in your marketing funnel? A well-made landing page on your website is one of the most effective pieces of digital content your business can possess.
  • E-books — If you need to take a deep dive on a topic, an e-book offers a fantastic way to help your audience understand the complexities and nuances involved, all while giving you an exclusive platform to show the advantages of your products and services. 

One of the aspects that makes content marketing important in the digital age is the ability to form an interlocking strategy that works with other forms of content as well as your other marketing channels. For example, you can promote an e-book on social media that takes customers to a landing page where they can download the book. 

Burg & Co. can help you develop integrated content marketing campaigns

Our team combines extensive experience in crafting engaging content with the technical know-how to help you reach the widest audience on digital platforms. When you work with Burg & Co., we promise you’ll have a partner that will work to understand your brand and develop the messaging that will resonate with your target audience. 

Contact us today to learn more and schedule a free marketing consultation with our experts.

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