Where do conversions fit into your inbound marketing strategy?

Conversions are just one part of your inbound marketing strategy, but they are a part that gets a lot of focus from marketing teams. However, it’s also important to consider where conversions fit in relation to your overall strategy, too. 

Why? It’s easy to get so caught up with trying to drive conversions that you lose sight of user experience, content and other important factors. The reality is that you need to optimize multiple aspects of your user journey and digital inbound marketing strategy. If you are successful, then you are more likely to increase conversions, too. 

How can you tell where conversions fit into your digital inbound marketing strategy?

There is a common visual called the digital marketing funnel. This image tends to have three basic levels: 

  1. Awareness.
  2. Consideration.
  3. Conversion. 

Often, these broader categories are broken down into smaller sections. However, the important thing here is that there are several levels of the funnel above conversions. This reinforces the point that conversions should not be the sole focus of your digital inbound marketing strategy. They are the end goal, yes, but increasing conversions typically relies on potential customers moving through the upper funnel levels and your conversion process smoothly. If this path is not smooth, your conversion efforts may not be as fruitful as you would like them to be. 

What can you do to smooth a potential customer’s path to conversion?

There are many steps you can take as part of your digital marketing strategy with an eye toward smoothing the digital marketing funnel stages and boosting your conversions. Some important steps you should consider are: 

  • Researching and analyzing — Before you start adjusting your inbound marketing strategy, it is vital that you understand your potential customers and how they convert. You can use web analytics to analyze what parts of your website people are interacting with. Another option is to send out surveys to your current or potential customers. These surveys give you the opportunity to get direct feedback about user experience improvements you can make. All this data can help you understand the most productive ways to boost conversions.
  • Enhancing user experience — Upgrading user experience is a common step businesses take when they are seeking more conversions. Why? Users want an easy and pleasant experience when they come to your website. If they get it, they are more likely to convert. If they do not, they will probably go looking for it somewhere else. Simplifying and refreshing online forms is one way you can improve user experience. Adding a chat feature and streamlining site menus can also make your user experience more pleasing. 
  • Creating vibrant digital contentContent is another important piece of the conversion puzzle. Many people do research on companies and products before giving them their business. A Google survey shows that 59% of people said they used Google searches to research an online or in-store purchase they plan to make. Creating effective, informative and optimized content can help your business appear in the results of such searches. Effective content can also help build consumers’ trust in your brand and entice them to convert. 

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