What’s the right type of content marketing for your business?

What’s the right type of content marketing for your business?

To establish authority in your field and educate your audience through all phases of your marketing funnel, there’s no substitute for a strong content marketing strategy. However, content marketing can come in many unique forms and use a wide range of platforms, so it can often be difficult to decide which approach is right for your business. To do this properly requires an understanding of your target audience, the ways they consume content and the messages they respond to. 

However, it can also depend on your organization and the people in it. Different types of content marketing may play more to the strengths of your brand and your subject matter experts, so it’s important to look at both sides of the equation. To help you better understand this marketing channel and decide what approach is right for you, we’re happy to share the following quick guide. 

Types of content marketing and their advantages

In the broadest terms, content marketing can encompass nearly all forms of media. From a television program or documentary to a blog post or newsletter, if it’s sponsored by an organization and is in some way providing information about your products, services or industry at large, then it can be qualified as content marketing. Here are some some of the most commonly used types of content marketing and the advantages they can offer companies: 

  • Social media posts — While they can also be used for news updates, event announcements and product features, social media can also be an effective content marketing platform by sharing educational tidbits and lifestyle tips that are relevant for your audience. 
  • Blogs — Similar to social media, your company’s blog can be used for a wide range of purposes. From a content marketing standpoint, it can be a wonderful platform to highlight experts in your organization as well as provide helpful solutions to problems that your prospective and existing customers often encounter. 
  • Whitepapers and e-books — Longer-form content is one of the strongest examples of content marketing and a great way to really draw people into your brand’s values and messaging. If it’s well written and genuinely useful content, people will want to read it.
  • Multimedia content — This can include video blogs, podcasts and webinars. These forms of content can be great if you have leaders and experts in your organization who love speaking. Video can also be highly effective in painting a more vivid picture of your company and team. 

Finding the right mix of content marketing types can be a challenging prospect. For the best chance of success, many companies turn to a dedicated and experienced partner to help. 

Experience the Burg & Co. difference

Our content marketing specialists have proven experience in helping brands find their voice and build the audience that’s right for them. We’ll help you develop an effective content portfolio that plays to your strengths and offers solid return on investment. To learn more and schedule your free marketing consultation. Contact us today.

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