What’s New in SEO this Week? August 3rd

What’s New in SEO this Week? August 3rd

As part of our efforts to keep you informed and up-to-date with the latest in SEO and digital marketing, Burg & Co. highlights important SEO news of the week. Our weekly SEO news highlights will help you keep track of new search engine policies, major search engine algorithm changes and new digital marketing trends.

This week, we want to focus on a Google update to its data display and Twitter’s description of how it ranks content.

1. Google is making data more discoverable with Dataset

Many businesses and organizations post data to share with their target audience. This data might include informative like profit margins, social media statistics, poll data or success metrics.

Google’s Dataset provides simple HTML coding for web developers to insert into data tables to help these tables display in search engine results. This is a user-friendly move that gets the info your target audience needs in front of them on the search engine, which may benefit your click-through rate and, ultimately, your ranking and findability.

2. Twitter tells some tips on how it ranks tweets

Although social media is technically not part of SEO, it works pretty close with SEO so it’s worth noting social media ranking factors in SEO news. Twitter was recently under some scrutiny for potentially blocking certain tweets from showing up in users’ feeds.

While Twitter has defended that this is not the case, they have revealed an inside look at how they rank the order that posts display in users’ feeds. If you have any experience in SEO, these ranking factors may not surprise you:

  • Topics and accounts that are associated with the user’s interest will be ranked higher

  • Topics that are trending or are of interest to the general public will be ranked higher

  • Posts that are shared by accounts that are regularly flagged or known for deliberately causing trouble will be ranked lower

What this means to you is you should do more than advertise your brand on Twitter.  Your business needs to engage with users in such a way that speaks to their interests and is associated with topics your user loves.

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