What is new in mobile marketing in 2019

Ever since the first iPhone, or even further back to the Blackberry era, the way people use the internet has been increasingly trending toward a mobile experience. Marketers, who were already struggling to keep up with the rise of digital marketing, have had to work even harder to understand how mobile platforms — including apps, browsers and search — are affecting the way people interact with brands, consume ads and buy products.

It’s a basic truth that change is a constant in the mobile marketing world. If you’re a business trying to stay ahead of the curve and reach people on smartphones, tablets and even augmented reality devices, you need a partner. The team of professional mobile marketers at Burg & Co. are here to share some of the biggest trends to be aware of for 2019.  

Here are the mobile marketing trends you need to know about

Many of the trends that have been shaping mobile marketing for the last few years will continue to evolve as hardware becomes more powerful, networks become faster and people continue to integrate mobile devices into their everyday lives. Savvy marketers will want to be aware of these developments as they continue to adjust their marketing strategies this year:

  • Location-based marketing for people on the go — Geotargeting, or serving users customized content based on their IP address, predates the mobile internet. However, this becomes more and more relevant for people who are accessing the internet and performing searches on mobile devices. Marketers will increasingly be able to target users even more precisely, right down to an exact location with technologies like geofences and beacons.

  • 5G will open the video floodgates — With the initial push coming from mobile broadband providers and hardware manufacturers this year, faster mobile connections through the 5G standard will change the way we consume the internet, particularly video. Mobile video is already on the rise and mobile marketers should be prepared for more video-based content, whether in ads, blogs or social media posts.

  • Virtual assistants are changing the way people search — As people talk into Siri and Google instead of typing into a search bar from a keyboard, the actual terms going to the search engines are changing. Targeted organic and paid search needs to be adapting to this trend with content made for more organic searches.

  • AI will help marketers deliver personalized content on mobile platforms — Artificial intelligence is continuing to cross over into real life from the realm of science fiction. In addition to allowing for driverless vehicles and shaping financial markets, it’s also helping marketers deliver highly personalized content to users. To help AI accomplish this, mobile marketers need to know their target audience through research and consumer profiling.

These trends can be overwhelming, especially if you are a small or medium business trying to reach an increasingly mobile audience and draw them to your brand. That’s why many of the most successful brands partner with mobile marketing experts.

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