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Three tips for improving SEO strategy in 2019

Staying at the leading edge of SEO, or search engine optimization, requires continuous learning and refining of your strategy. This is especially true in a field like SEO where companies like Google and Microsoft are constantly making updates to their search algorithms that can significantly change your rankings.

There are also changing trends in the overall digital landscape, such as increased mobile and voice search, that are changing the way people interact with search engines and websites that should be taken into account with your SEO strategy.  

To help you stay at the top of your game, our seasoned experts have shared the latest tips that can keep your site at the top of the results pages.

These three tips can improve SEO strategy

Here’s what leading SEO strategists are factoring into their 2019 action plans:

1. Optimize for mobile devices

    — In recent years, searches on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have overtaken searches coming from traditional desktop or laptop computers. And this trend is only going to continue as mobile devices and connection speeds get faster. To make sure your website is competitive for people searching on the go, your site should be indexed and developed properly for mobile platforms. Having a user interface and content that is properly displayed on a smaller screen is essential to remaining at the top of the rankings in 2019.

2. Implement voice-based search into your keyword plan

    — As more people are searching on mobile devices, they are doing more searches through the voice recognition functions built into their phone or tablet. This often means a more conversational search phrase than if it was typed out. For example, phrases such as “Where do I go to fix a flat tire?” are becoming more common compared to more general searches such as “tire repair.” While content for both of these searches will essentially have the same information, it is possible to structure it in a way that answers that specific query. You can even develop content with a higher chance of being included in the answer box used by digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google for these types of inquiries.

3. Improve your site speed and page loading times

    — This is an SEO strategy topic that has gotten a lot of buzz in recent years. As sites use more and more trackers that connect to important tools like Google Analytics or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the extra processing required can slow down pages. Picture and video-heavy websites can also slow down site speed. Because this can create a negative user experience, Google and other search providers have factored it into their ranking algorithms. Meaning that if your site is too slow, it can drop in the search rankings. To correct this, make sure your website has been developed as streamlined as possible. There are even tools to help manage all of the tags and trackers required in a modern website in order to speed up the loading time.

As you analyze your website and SEO strategy and make necessary changes, it is important to track and test these changes to pinpoint what is working. This will allow you to continually refine and optimize your strategy for better results year over year.

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