What happens if your site isn’t optimized for mobile performance?

More and more users are accessing the internet with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In fact, according to online research firm BrightEdge, more than 57% of U.S. online traffic now comes from mobile devices. What this means for your website is that it needs to be optimized to perform well on mobile devices if you want to offer a functional experience to this growing base of users. 

Most websites were originally designed for desktop or laptop computers, with larger screens and different user interfaces. If you’ve ever tried to load a desktop site on your smartphone, you know how difficult it is to use. You’ll often find yourself zooming in to read text, and you may also find that some basic functions on the site don’t work as well, including form submissions or embedded video and audio.

Benefits of mobile optimization

While not optimizing your site for mobile performance can mean missing out on sales and leads, taking the time to invest in mobile optimization can offer your site the following benefits: 

  • Better user experience — Above all, your number one goal should be to create a website that is easy to use, read and view for the people who come to your site. Make this your main priority, and your other business objectives will be easier to achieve. 
  • Higher search engine rankings — Google and other engines are now prioritizing mobile sites for crawling and indexing. 
  • Increased traffic — Mobile users will be more likely to stay on your site and share it with others.
  • More leads and sales — In addition to losing out on raw traffic, not optimizing your lead capturing and sales functions for mobile users can mean missed opportunities if they can’t submit a contact form or make a purchase easily from their mobile device. 

Burg & Co. Marketing — your mobile optimization partners  

Burg & Co. Marketing has been in the digital marketing game for years now, and we pride ourselves on developing close partnerships with the organizations that turn to us. Whether we’re optimizing for desktop or mobile performance, we want to help you tell your brand’s story to the right audience for you. All while achieving ROI on your marketing dollar. To learn more about our full range of digital services, contact us today.

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