What do SEO companies do to grow your business?

There are a wide range of organizations that could use the term “SEO company” to describe themselves. From research institutes that focus solely on understanding search engine optimization (SEO) to digital marketing agencies that specialize in it, if a company is spending a significant portion of its time focused on SEO, then this label applies. 

For businesses wondering what SEO companies do and if or how one can help them grow, understanding the basics of this practice can be highly beneficial. A solid SEO strategy can generate high volumes of traffic for your business’s website and help achieve lead generation and revenue goals. Due to the complexities of the field, many of the most successful businesses turn to some type of SEO company. 

SEO companies do a number things to help websites function better

SEO is all about helping your website rank higher on the unpaid, or organic, results for search engines like Google and Bing. While there is a negative connotation among some people that SEO is all about tricks and shortcuts, in actuality the fundamentals of SEO should be about building a functional, user-friendly website with informative and easily understandable content. This is basically the stated mission of the major search engines, and they designed their search algorithms in an attempt to connect searchers with the best information. 

To help achieve these primary objectives for your business, an SEO company can do the following:

  • Help you understand your target audience and what they are searching for 
  • Analyze your website from a performance and user experience perspective to ensure that it is functional for both users and search engines
  • Assist with content creation that is accurate, informative and readable for your audience as well as properly formatted for search engines
  • Review your hyperlinking practices and develop a strategy for optimal internal and external linking
  • Use Google Analytics and other data-driven SEO tools to look at your site traffic and user patterns to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement

To truly help your business grow, you need an SEO company that doesn’t just drive rankings and traffic, but one that also drives quality conversion and fosters the long-term strength of your brand. 

Burg & Co. Marketing is more than just an SEO company

While Burg & Co. has SEO experts with years of experience, we believe that building relationships and deeply understanding your brand and business needs are just as important as the technical aspects of search. We’ll help you develop an SEO strategy built from the ground up to achieve ROI while also helping you integrate pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing and social media marketing. 

Ready to grow your business? Contact us today to schedule your free marketing consultation. 

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