What are the different parts of a digital advertising strategy?

Digital advertising can take many different forms, but for any business looking to succeed in the modern marketplace, a comprehensive strategy is a requirement. The internet offers the opportunity to put your business in front of millions of eyes with relatively low costs and barriers to entry compared to more traditional advertising channels, such as television, radio and print. 

However, the sheer complexity of the digital advertising space can make developing a strategy feel very overwhelming, particularly for small- or medium-sized businesses that have limited time and resources for marketing needs. That’s where to turning to dedicated marketing professionals can help. By taking some time to understand the basic components of a digital advertising strategy, you can make a more informed decision about your marketing needs. 

Assembling your digital advertising strategy

While every digital advertising strategy is slightly different, there are generally some common parts that go into creating one. This includes: 

  • Auditing all of your current marketing efforts, both traditional and digital, to determine where digital advertising can be most effectively deployed
  • Analyzing who you are trying to reach and what segment of your potential customers can be most effectively persuaded through digital advertising
  • Researching keywords and messaging that will have the best chance of reaching your target audience
  • Creating a realistic and cost-effective budget that is most likely to offer a return on investment

Compared to other forms of digital marketing, advertising, including pay-per-click and other platforms, offers the possibility for quick results. However, it is essential to create a fully integrated and properly balanced marketing strategy to ensure that your resources aren’t being used redundantly in areas where you’re already reaching an audience on a cost-effective basis. 

Burg & Co. Marketing has the experience to help you navigate the digital ocean

The team at Burg & Co. Marketing are experts in our field. We’re also digital storytellers who are committed to forming personal relationships and understanding your brand and your business needs inside out. From pay-per-click digital advertising to social media marketing, we can help you determine the right strategy for you to meet your revenue goals and achieve ROI for your carefully calculated marketing budget. Contact us today for a marketing consultation.

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