What all is involved in search engine marketing?

What all is involved in search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is a general term used to describe the use of paid listings on search engines to generate traffic to a website. This practice is in contrast to organic search engine optimization (SEO) that seeks to improve a website’s ranking on unpaid search listings. 

By learning what search engine marketing is and how it integrates into the larger digital marketing picture, you can learn how to fully harness it for your business. 

Search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising explained 

When you perform a search on a major search engine such as Google, the top three or more results are typically paid listings. You can generally tell this because they are marked with a bold “Ad” at the beginning of the result. To gain these placements, advertisers use a keyword research and bidding platform. For Google, this platform is called Google Ads. 

After determining which keywords to bid on and winning an auction, the ad will run on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. This means that the advertiser will be charged a set amount each time someone clicks on the listing. The ad will run until the budget runs out. 

Search engine marketing is a great way to generate quick traffic. Especially for time-sensitive campaigns or for new websites. It’s also a great way to gain important insight in your audience and the search terms they are using that you can put to work for your organic SEO efforts. 

You should think of your search engine marketing efforts as an ongoing process that requires constant analysis and adjustment. Google Ads and other platforms, including Bing Ads, give you a remarkable depth of data and insight. Smart search engine marketers know how to use this to make constant adjustments so that budgets are being used effectively and profitably. 

Leverage the expertise and experience of dedicated search engine marketers

Like so many aspects of business, digital marketing is an area that rewards specialization. While the cost of entry for search engine marketing may be low, the cost of success can often be higher. When you turn to the experienced team at Burg & Co. Marketing, you’ll find seasoned veterans with a depth of expertise in the full range of digital channels, from paid search marketing to SEO to social media marketing. We’ll help you put it all together in a way that not only promotes ROI but also promotes the long-term strength of your brand and business. 

Contact us today to get started and schedule your free marketing consultation. 

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