Video Advertising News: Week of November 29th

Video Advertising News: Week of November 29th

As part of our efforts to keep you informed and up-to-date with the latest in digital marketing, Burg & Co. highlights important marketing news of the week. Our weekly marketing news highlights will help you keep track of new digital marketing trends, strategies and research.

This week, we want to take a look at some video marketing news. We’re going to focus on a couple of changes made by Youtube this month and the relevance of advertising on Reddit.

1. Youtube makes a move against duplicate content

Youtube is owned by Google, which takes a hard stance against duplicate content and plagiarism. This is now reflecting on Youtube, which will now begin shutting down channels that upload video previous published videos as their own.

Whether the content is copyrighted or not, Youtube views duplicated content as a large problem and will be cracking down hard over the next couple of months. This is good for marketers because any videos you produce will always have to be unique and anyone who uses your content can be punished for it.

2. Reddit reaches more than one billion video views per month

Reddit is not usually included in the list of priorities for many marketers, but maybe this is a mistake. The website now reports more than one billion video views a month, and Reddit advertisers saw two times as many conversions in 2018 than previous years.

Consider your target audience and whether they engage with content on Reddit. If they do, you should probably be investing some of your marketing efforts on this platform too.

3. Youtube introduces more ad extensions

Youtube ads started off as simple commercials that advertise a product but they have evolved to much more. Youtube ads become more interactive, allowing users to click on certain features or participate in surveys.

Now, Youtube is introducing more features in its ads, including extensions for making a purchase or downloading an app. This is a move that benefits marketers because it streamlines the process for visitors in a simple way that can increase conversions.

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