Three Tips for Your 2019 Social Media Marketing Strategy | Burg & Co. Marketing

Three Tips for Your 2019 Social Media Marketing Strategy | Burg & Co. Marketing

Three tips for improving your social media marketing strategy in 2019

Even by the fast-paced standards of digital marketing, social media marketing moves particularly fast. Every year brings new platforms, new trends and new ways to communicate. The major platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, are constantly changing the way they present content in their news feeds.

This means that what you considered a successful social media marketing strategy one or two years ago may not be performing to the level you need it to in 2019. To help you stay on top, we’re sharing three things we’ve seen so far this year that we think will continue to drive the social media world.

Tips for your 2019 social media marketing strategy

As you continue to plan and adjust your social media marketing strategy for the year, take these three things into account:

  1. Humanize your brand — People come to social media for two main things: stories and pictures. To be an authentic participant on social media, your business should be providing these experiences to your audience. Sharing guest posts from your leaders or photos from company events are two ideas to put a human face on your organization.
  1. Social media is a growing advertising platform. For years, businesses primarily saw social media platforms as the new and necessary way to engage with their communities, not to drive leads and sales. This will always be true, but increasingly, social media is the primary internet experience for millions of users. So as social media platforms turn more and more to using advertising as a revenue source from their large and active user bases, you should be looking for ways to get your message to these users.
  1. Segment your audiences and deliver personalized content. There are now more tools than ever to know who is interacting with you on social media. Whether it is an organic post or a paid advertisement, the future of social media is highly-personalized content. To deliver this, you need to know who your audience is and build useful segments based on their demographics and behaviors.

While trends can and do change, there are still fundamentals that will always be evergreen to your social media marketing strategy. This includes nurturing and responding to your community, collecting and analyzing your data and implementing the changes you find to your strategy.

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