Three Tips for Better Content Marketing With Generation Z

Move over millennials, marketers are looking at the new generation. Okay, that’s a bit cheeky; millennials are still important and make up for a large base of consumers. But Generation Z includes a large percentage of consumers as well, many of them just out of high school and college.

Some marketers see a blurred line between millennials and Gen Z’ers, but there are some considerable differences between the two that require a different approach. If you’re trying to attract more Gen Z’ers to your business, here are a few tips for creating content they love:

1. Take social media seriously

What primarily separated Generation Z from millennials is that they were raised on the internet whereas millennials remember life before the internet. The result is a younger generation that is much more active on social media and prefers to interact with businesses who are also on social platforms.

It’s not enough to just have a Facebook account and make some posts every now and then. Find out what platforms your audience is most active on, provide them with great content every day and respond to feedback and conversations. Plus, you should look into social media influencers and how they might be able to help promote your brand to their large audience.

2. Create a story

Like their older millennial brothers and sisters, Gen Z’ers are accustomed to ignoring outright advertising and traditional marketing tactics. Get their attention by crafting a story that captures their emotions as well as presenting the facts. Research your target audience and their interests to find out what motivates and inspires them.

3. Get more personal than ever

Gen Z’ers are excellent at sniffing out phonies and avoiding them. Increase your reliability and trustworthiness by being more transparent, especially on social media. Gen Z’ers are looking for brands that feel more like friends, not corporations.

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Gen Z’ers are a large portion of modern consumers, but they are still relatively new in the eyes of many marketers. Contact the marketing experts at Burg & Co. if you would like help connecting with Gen Z’ers or any other type of audience. We can help you build your digital presence to attract more visitors to your website and increase your leads and customers.



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