Three Successful SEO Strategies for 2018

Search engine optimization continues to evolve in 2018, with new technologies, opportunities and strategies emerging to help businesses get traffic that turns into revenue. Here are three strategies for helping you up your SEO game in 2018.

SEO Strategy #1: Optimize for voice search

According to comScore, 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. This trend is emerging in the semantic search movement, which can offer greater relevance and encourage more conversions by leveraging the phrases or questions many users search with. When a searcher speaks their query rather than typing it, the language will be more natural. Optimizing for these types of searches will help you increase relevance for those who want exactly what you offer.

SEO Strategy #2: Embrace mobile

Mobile device use has exploded over the past couple of years — 58 percent of searches come from mobile, and Google is implementing mobile-first search, which means a site without a mobile-friendly experience could fall behind. With more people searching on mobile, your mobile page could soon become the page most people see first. This makes it essential to optimize for mobile to avoid search engines penalizing you for irrelevance and a poor user experience.

SEO Strategy #3: Target long tail keywords over head keywords

“Head” keywords are the high-level keywords that describe what you do. A plumber, for instance, may want to target for “plumber” or “plumbing.” That would be a mistake, however, since it’s such a competitive — and broad — keyword. They would be better off working to rank for long tail keywords like “how to fix a kitchen sink clog” or “best plumbers in Detroit.” The average conversion rate for long tail keywords is 36 percent, while the top 10 percent of landing pages in general convert at around 11.45 percent. And by targeting long-tail keywords, it will help you work toward ranking for high-level keywords eventually.

Burg & Co. can help with your SEO strategy

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