Three SEO Myths for Business Owners

When it comes to search engine optimization, there’s a lot of information out there — but not all of it is correct. Here are five SEO myths that business owners should keep in mind when working on a search engine optimization strategy.


Myth #1: Keyword optimization will always increase my traffic or revenue

While proper SEO should increase your search engine ranking, there’s no guarantee that:

  1. People will click through on those high-ranking results, or
  2. They’ll take any action once they reach your site.

The most important thing is to use the keywords that make sense for your business. What your target customer searches for may be different than how they search for solutions like yours. Along those lines, if a visitor does click through to your site, they won’t spend much time there if what they find isn’t relevant. Instead, build a strategic roadmap of the topics that most relate to your business and build keyword-rich content around that. Search engines care much more about how you help searchers than how well you can convince them to visit your site.


Myth #2: SEO is only about keywords

SEO may start with keywords, but it doesn’t end there. Optimizing your site for a search engine is about more than just posting a daily blog of keyword-rich posts. There’s the way your site is structured, what users do once they arrive there, and how well you can solve their query. Google rewards the relevant, and keywords are only a signal that they’ll find what they want on your site.


Myth #3: The more keywords, the better

Keyword stuffing was a strategy back in the early days of SEO, where search ranking algorithms acted as a sort of popularity counter, giving preference to those web pages that seemed to talk most about a topic. Unfortunately, that resulted in a ton of useless, irrelevant content with the sole goal of seeing how many keywords could fit on one page. Today, keyword stuffing will get you penalized in search. Instead, create content that creates value: It’s about what the customer wants.


Burg & Co. can help with your SEO strategy

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