Three mobile marketing strategies your brand should be using

Three mobile marketing strategies your brand should be using

It is estimated that there are more than 14 billion total mobile devices in the world, enough for each person to almost have two each. This number is only forecasted to grow in the coming years as more and more people continue to access the internet primarily through mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. 

For digital marketers, and people with any stake in their organization’s marketing efforts, this means an increasing shift to a mobile-focused approach. Now, in some ways this doesn’t change many of the fundamentals. Just like in the shift from traditional to digital marketing, you still need to know your audience and present them with compelling messages that help your brand stand out from the crowd. 

However, there are some mobile-specific strategies that you should be aware of and implementing for your business to take full advantage of shifting trends. 

Mobile marketing strategies to reach people on the go

To fully harness the power of mobile marketing, your business should have plans to implement these three strategies: 

  1. Mobile SEO — Search engine optimization (SEO) is being very heavily impacted by the transition to mobile. Google itself has begun an initiative that prioritizes mobile-friendly versions of sites in its search rankings. This means that sites that want to appear at the top of organic search results need to create content and a user experience that is functional for mobile users. Other considerations like voice and location-based search also need to be taken into consideration. 
  2. Mobile social media marketing — More than any channel, social media is mobile driven. In fact, as many as 98% of Facebook users log into their account by a mobile phone. This means ensuring that your posts and social media advertisements are optimized for mobile, including image formatting and post length. 
  3. Mobile PPC — Don’t forget about paid search either. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is subject to the same forces as SEO and social media. If your ad campaigns are designed with desktop users in mind, from search listings to landing pages, your click-through rates and conversion rates will suffer. 

While putting these strategies into play may be overwhelming, the good news is there are seasoned mobile marketing professionals who have already been riding the wave for years. 

Burg & Co. can help you stay mobile focused

We’ve already helped many successful brands make the transition to mobile-friendly marketing strategies — will you be next? Burg & Co. Marketing believes in building strong relationships to understand what truly makes your brand tick so we can work together on effective marketing strategies that achieve a solid return on your marketing investment. 

Contact us today to schedule your free marketing consultation with our experts to learn more about the transition to mobile-focused marketing.    

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