The top 7 digital marketing trends to stay on top of in 2024

It can seem like every time that you’ve planned a strategy for a current digital marketing trend, a new one pops up. The landscape of digital marketing is constantly changing. It can feel a bit intimidating to try a new approach. But by staying on top of the 2024 digital marketing trends, you’re showing your customers that you’re able to grow and adapt to what they want. 

In the past, we’ve seen a wide variety of digital marketing trends that have had their time in the sun, from webinars to brand awareness. While all digital marketing strategies can be beneficial in one way or another, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Learning about the 2024 digital marketing trends can go a long way.

We’ll talk about the digital marketing trends that we’re seeing in 2024 that are worth exploring for your next campaign.

7 digital marketing trends to incorporate into your 2024 strategy

It’s important to stay on top of digital marketing trends because comfort is the enemy of progress. When you don’t try to switch up your marketing tactics, you can fall by the wayside because you’re not meeting customers where they are. By taking note of the top digital marketing trends in 2024, you can gain a better understanding of how your potential customers find and engage with companies online.

Here are seven digital marketing trends to stay on top of in 2024:

  • Push notifications — You probably have several notifications on your phone right now. Push notifications from your company’s app are guaranteed to be seen by your customers. Use push notifications to let a customer know about upcoming promotions, reminders about products in their cart or the next step they need to complete to use your services. It’s especially important for customer engagement and retention.
  • SMS messages — Piggybacking off push notifications is the trend of SMS messages for digital marketing. Texts have an average open rate of 99%. SMS marketing allows you to connect with your current customers, or potential customers who have given their information on your site but haven’t purchased anything. They can be used for texts about a sale, holiday greetings or personalized messages that keep you on their mind.
  • Conversational marketingMore than 75% of consumers have reported a desire to text a business. That’s why conversational marketing can be so effective. It allows a customer to have communication with your company with immediate responses using chatbots or AI assistants on your website or smartphone app. It can help potential customers learn information about your business as well as provide real-time customer service assistance after they’ve made a purchase.
  • Video content — We’ve seen videos becoming more and more prevalent in marketing over the last few years, and it’s not going anywhere. Whether that be streaming a live interactive video, posting informational videos on YouTube, or sharing short and creative reels on Instagram, video is one of the go-to ways to catch a customer’s eye. In fact, the average viewer watched 17 hours of digital video a week last year.
  • Influencer partnerships — One of the best ways to build a trusting relationship with a customer is by being openly supported by a person they trust themselves. That’s why partnering with a celebrity or content creator for a marketing campaign can be so effective. You can even work with a micro influencer, who has fewer than 100,000 followers, to reach a target demographic for a niche product.
  • Email segmentation — An effective email marketing strategy is segmentation. While mass emails have always been the preferred email tactic for businesses, email segmentation increases the personalization for targeted audiences. Separate your email list into segments such as current or prospective customers, by location, or based on the product or service each email recipient has shown interest in.
  • Voice SEO — It’s important that your prospective customers find convenient ways to find you when they’re too busy to type into Google. That’s why search engine optimization strategies should consider voice search. While doing keyword research, think about the more conversational tone that a person may inquire through a voice search as opposed to typing, such as, “What is the best healthcare clinic near me?”

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