Three lesser-known SEO tricks to use this year

First of all, SEO should be primarily focused on core fundamentals. If you don’t have a fast-loading, user-friendly site with high-quality content, no amount of SEO tricks will save you. 

With that out of the way, organizations that are looking to keep their website competitive on the search engine results pages (SERPs) should be aware of all the tactics out there that can help them reach their goals. Assuming that you’re operating on a solid foundation, these lesser-known SEO tricks can help you drive traffic, convert leads and increase revenue this year. 

SEO trick number 1: Freshen up your older content

Search engines like Google love content. Everyone knows that. From blogs to news updates to longer articles, regularly posting informative, relevant and well-written content is a key to getting to the front page of the SERPs. But one thing many people are less aware of is that Google and others also love it when you make edits to existing content. 

Putting a plan in place to review and freshen up your content is a great SEO trick that can also help your brand. Most businesses are constantly updating best practices, services and products. When you go through old blogs, landing pages and other content, you can not only do an SEO check to make sure the original strategy is still relevant, but you can also do a brand review to ensure the page is up to current company standards. 

SEO trick number 2: Do competitor research

If you’re a business, you have competitors. Making an organized effort to analyze and understand their efforts is an SEO trick that can pay dividends for your own website. No, we’re not talking about spying or any other black hat tactics. By simply identifying your competitors, visiting their websites, seeing how they’re performing in competitive searches for your industry and even checking what they share on social media, you can learn a lot. 

Find out where they’re outperforming you, see if they’re succeeding in forms of content that you are not utilizing and learn more about what your relative strengths and differentiators are. Knowledge is power, and you’ll be surprised how much you can learn from a focused competitive SEO analysis. 

SEO trick number 3: Use the Google SERPs for conversational search ideas

We often think of keyword research as requiring specialized tools and technical know-how — and this is true! However, there are also some simpler SEO tricks that go into keyword research. One of them is that Google itself offers a veritable gold mine of keyword information right there in many results pages. 

With the rise of machine learning and mobile search, conversational searches are becoming a major focus. When you perform many query-based searches, Google will provide a table titled “People also ask” with a number of similar queries. While this is mainly intended to be useful for searchers, it also basically amounts to free keyword research by showing you trending searches. 

From proven strategies to SEO tricks, Burg & Co. Marketing has you covered

Our SEO team believes that solid fundamentals are the key to growth, and we ensure that any tricks of the trade we find can be integrated into your larger strategy. To learn more about how we can help you achieve return on your SEO investment and meet your revenue goals, contact us today. We’re happy to offer a free marketing consultation.

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