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Three facts about the benefits of social media marketing

It’s unavoidable. If you’re a business, whether small, medium or large, you have to use social media as some part of your marketing efforts. For many users, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram represent most, if not all, of their internet use.

This is hundreds of millions of people who you have the potential to reach, and if you aren’t taking full advantage of the power of social media, there’s a good chance a competitor might be reaching them first. To help you better understand their potential marketing upside, we’re sharing the following social media marketing facts.

Social media marketing facts to remember

If you have doubts about whether your business needs to take social media seriously, read these statistics:

  1. Facebook is the second largest digital advertising platform — According to marketing research firm eMarketer, Facebook had a 20.6 percent market share in 2018. This means more and more advertisers are realizing that there is a gigantic audience that can be reached on social media.
  1. Consumers will recommend brands that provide a positive social media experience — In fact, 71 percent of consumers reported they would be more likely to recommend a company to others as the result of a positive customer service experience on social media. This is according to a survey by the firm, Ambassador.
  1. 95 percent of consumers aged 18-34-years-old said they were likely to follow brands on social media — According to market research performed by MarketingSherpa, an additional 92 percent of the 35 to 44 age group were likely to follow at least one brand on social media.

These facts are clear. People are engaging with brands and businesses through social media, and businesses are spending marketing dollars and resources.

Partner with the social media marketing professionals

If you’ve seen the benefits of social media marketing but are looking for a partner who can help you navigate these waters to help you generate leads, increase revenue and see a return on your marketing investment, we can help. Our team has the experience and expertise you need to craft a successful social media marketing campaign.

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