The Importance of Being Transparent with Your Brand on Social Media

Most people these days have some form of social media. Many use these platforms to connect with a business to keep track of updates and new products or services and provide unfiltered feedback.

It’s more important than ever for your brand to be transparent on social media because this will win the trust of the very skeptical Gen Z’ers and millennials. One quick way to establish your brand as an untrustworthy brand is using clickbait-y advertising.

How using clickbait is more harmful than good for marketers

An example of clickbait content would be an article that is titled something like, “You won’t BELIEVE what happens when he…” or “10 SHOCKING secrets that they don’t want you to know…”. This kind of material was popular for a while (and still is in many ways) because it preys on human curiosity to generate interest and clicks.

In 2017, Facebook announced it would be taking more action to reduce the number of clickbait ads that plague the site. In 2018, they appear to have taken this action further.

Clickbait ads are a problem for Facebook because they demonstrate that Facebook doesn’t care about you and only wants money from advertisers. Of course, Facebook doesn’t believe this is true, so they are striving to improve user experience by eliminating sensationalized clickbait ads.

What is happening to clickbait on Facebook?

Creating clickbait-y or overly sensational ads on Facebook may result in a penalty for your advertising campaign, which means your ads will not be displayed. If your brand consistently violates this anti-clickbait policy, you may find that all of your Facebook advertising campaigns will be halted. It’s likely that other social media platforms will follow in suit.

Instead of using clickbait or shocking, sensational advertising, you should create ads that are compelling, informative and helpful. Not only will these be approved by Facebook, but they are also more likely to produce real results for your business.

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