Talent acquisition and recruitment strategies for healthcare 2024

Your healthcare practice is only as strong as the people who run it. When it comes to healthcare, finding qualified, personable and compassionate professionals can go a long way in gaining, and retaining, new patients.

Determining the right talent acquisition strategy for healthcare professionals is all about understanding the current state of the healthcare industry. Then you can use that insight to figure out the needs of the healthcare professionals you want to bring onto your team.

We’ll talk about what to consider when you’re strategizing for talent acquisition and recruitment for healthcare in 2024. Then we’ll dive into specific strategies worth putting in place.

What to keep in mind about talent acquisition strategies for healthcare

When you’re trying to design a talent acquisition and recruitment strategy for your healthcare facility, it’s important to understand what you’re looking for from every angle. You have to look at the current industry circumstances and what you’re looking for when hiring someone. You also have to know how to appeal to the professionals in the specialized area that you need.

Here are factors to consider when you’re thinking about talent acquisition and recruitment strategies for healthcare in 2024:

  • Current health concerns that are impacting the demand for services.
  • Skills and educational requirements that you’re looking for in applicants. 
  • Benefits that are becoming expected, such as time off for mental health.
  • How people in your specialization are finding work. 

Strategies for healthcare talent acquisition and recruitment in 2024

When it comes to talent acquisition and recruitment, you’ll only receive the results that you’re looking for based on the amount of effort you put into it. With proper strategizing, you can acquire and recruit the talented professionals you need to provide the patient care you strive for. 

Here are a handful of talent acquisition and recruitment strategies that you can incorporate into your 2024 business plan:

  • Offer remote flexibility — It’s important to embrace the changes that we’re seeing. That change is the growth of telemedicine. Since the pandemic, more and more people are turning on their webcams to meet with their healthcare providers. That means that many healthcare professionals are seeing the flexibility they can gain with hybrid or work-from-home opportunities. See how you can offer remote flexibility as a benefit when recruiting.
  • Collaborate with educators — Try to gear your marketing campaigns toward healthcare educational institutions. This could mean targeting your ads toward healthcare teachers. You could also form a partnership with an institution. You could share your openings and opportunities with them. Then they could recommend students whom they believe would be a good fit. 
  • Take pride in your EVP — The importance of your employee value proposition (EVP) can’t be overstated. It’s important to establish a strong EVP that will showcase your dedication to your employees. Your EVP includes everything from salary range and perks to mental health support and a positive workplace culture. The EVP should be in the spotlight every time you try to recruit.
  • Don’t underestimate soft skills — When it comes to healthcare, some skills are expected of nearly every employee, such as knowing how to give a shot and how to read a blood pressure machine. But there are also soft skills that should be evaluated early on in the talent acquisition process. The importance of soft skills like stress management, adaptability and critical thinking should be emphasized during recruitment.
  • Turn to healthcare job boards — People applying for a healthcare job aren’t going straight to the same job boards as the people who are trying to find a social media management position. That’s why there are dedicated spaces for people looking for jobs in the healthcare industry. Post job opportunities to healthcare job boards to make sure that they’re being seen by people who are actively looking for your particular position.

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