What user behavior analytics can mean for your healthcare clinic

When you think about the site for your clinic, you’re probably thinking about how potential and current patients interact with the content, navigate the pages and find the information they need about your services. But by focusing on what goes on from the IT side, you can optimize your site’s user experience for higher conversion and lead generation.

User behavior refers to how people interact with your site or platform, and it plays a vital role in understanding site engagement as well as security. It’s tracked using user behavior analytics, or UBA, which monitors and analyzes your system or network’s data. But how does UBA actually help you grow your clinic?

We’ll talk about what you can learn from user behavior analytics and how it can help your healthcare clinic. We’ll also discuss how BURG+CO. uses UBA to get the most out of your clinic’s site.

What your healthcare clinic can learn (and gain) from user behavior analytics

UBA systems are commonly confused with user and entity behavior analytics, or UEBA, which refers to newer systems of UBA with more intensive capabilities. But they have the same goal of tracking all behavioral patterns of your site users, both normal and dangerous.

The data that you gather through UBA can benefit your healthcare clinic in a variety of ways. It can not only keep your site safe and secure, but it can actually help you grow your clinic. The data can help you understand your potential patients’ online habits and show you how to capitalize on your site’s strengths while improving your weaknesses.

Here’s what user behavior analytics can mean for your healthcare clinic:

  • Patient patterns — The data from UBA can help you track your potential patients’ journey on your site. It can show you how they navigate around your site, what pages are the most commonly visited and what part of the site they visit before filling out a new patient form. By taking note of the user patterns of your potential and current patients on your site, you can recognize where your strengths are, as well as where there are weaknesses that are preventing conversions.
  • Personalization opportunities — UBA can play a large role in your healthcare clinic’s advertising strategy. By tracking the behaviors of your users, you can see the most visited areas of your site. You can use that knowledge to put ads in places that garner the most attention. You can also determine their preferences in terms of what type of information they are drawn to, such as imagery, and incorporate that into your advertising approach.
  • Understanding issues in user experience — Being user friendly is a hallmark of an effective site, and one that will trend well for SEO. But the key to being user friendly is making sure that your site’s user experience is as optimized as possible. With UBA data, you can see where there are issues in aspects of your site, such as page speed, accessibility and broken links.
  • Awareness of potential risk — Being proactive about potential issues on your site can reduce the risk of significant problems, such as a privacy breach or a network crash. UBA monitors possible threats to the backend of your site, such as a virus, and mitigates the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Security and user privacy should always be priorities, so it’s important to have the proper preventive measures in place to reduce the risk of any threat to them.

Your healthcare clinic should have a site that’s safe and user friendly and that leads to patient acquisition. But that’s not possible without the right data and optimization strategies that you can gather with UBA. At BURG+CO., we understand the power of UBA and how your healthcare clinic can harness that power for sustainable growth.

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