Social Media Marketing Trends You May Want to Embrace in 2019

This article is being written in October 2018, so if you’re reading this and it’s beyond 2019, you may find some of this information outdated. Either way, greetings from the past. We hope you all are doing well and that the future is as bright as we want it to be.

Enough of that though. If you’re reading this before 2019 or in early 2019, you may find this content useful. At Burg & Co., we understand that social media marketing evolves every year and that 2019 is going to be no different.

Below are a few social media marketing trends and strategies to be on the look for in 2019:

1. The rise of Generation Z

Generation Z is the name given to people born in the late 90s through the early 2000s. This is a generation of people who are growing out of high school and make up a large number of consumers. This generation is unlike any other in that they have never known life without the internet.

Marketing to Gen Z’ers looks a little different than marketing to millennials or others. Consider what Gen Z’ers like and how they prefer to communicate if you want to include them in your target audience.

2. Videos are dominating

Videos are quick and easy ways for people to digest information, and they continue to be the preferred medium of content on social media platforms. Research your target audience and find out what they need and what their interests are.

You can create videos that address these needs or are interesting and helpful to engage with your audience and attract more followers. You should also consider live streaming content, as its popularity is projected to rise in 2019.

3. Get involved in messenger apps

Messenger apps, like Facebook Messenger, allow people to communicate with others without having to leave their current page.

It’s important to remain active on messenger apps because Gen Z’ers prefer communicating with businesses this way.

4. Take social media influencers seriously

Social media influencers are social media users in a particular field who have a large following that sees the influencer’s posts as authoritative in the industry. In 2019, more business may want to partner with social media influencers to promote their products and services to a relevant and interested audience.

Let Burg & Co. help you create a powerful social media marketing strategy

Do you want to keep up to date with social media marketing trends to continue attracting followers, leads and customers in 2019? The marketing experts at Burg & Co. can help you develop an effective strategy using the newest relevant elements to connect with your audience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you attract more visitors and improve your ROI.

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