Six benefits of digital marketing

Even in 2020, it’s still possible to be a skeptic about digital marketing. After all, traditional marketing forms like television, radio and even print are alive and well. There’s also no substitute for having a well-run company with a loyal customer base. Businesses with solid foundations can find a way to succeed with minimal marketing of any kind, right? 

However, as the internet becomes a fundamental part of the daily lives of more and more people, ignoring digital marketing will increasingly become an exception, not a rule. If you’re still on the fence and looking for a more solid understanding about the benefits of digital marketing, take a few moments to read this quick and informative overview. 

Here is what digital marketing can offer

Organizations who use digital marketing effectively can realize the following important benefits: 

  1. Staying competitive — In the modern marketplace, even if you’re not online you can be confident that your competition is. A digital marketing strategy can help you gain online market share from other companies. 
  2. Being part of the online conversation — Similarly, most of your prospective, current and former customers are all online. If your company does not have an online presence in social media, blogs and other platforms, you’re missing a key opportunity to interact with them. Digital marketing also helps you protect your brand and online reputation. 
  3. Reaching a wider audience on your terms — The internet allows anyone with a computer or mobile device to build and reach an audience of millions. Digital marketing offers more ways than ever before to reach a truly global audience with less restrictions on your message.
  4. Achieving cost-effective results for any sized budget — Digital channels like search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allow for unparalleled customization of budgets without sacrificing results and messaging. 
  5. Targeting a highly specific audience — While traditional marketing efforts are based on demographics, they cast a relatively wide net compared to digital marketing. Digital advertising lets you target highly specific groups, right down to factors like age, interests and geographic location. 
  6. Obtaining a treasure trove of data — Marketing success requires constant measuring, analyzing, reporting and adjusting. With digital channels, this information is right at your fingertips and with an extensive degree of detail. 

Companies just dipping their toes into the digital ocean can benefit from the increased knowledge, resources and support that a dedicated agency can offer. Not only should you look for proven experience in digital marketing, but you also want someone you can trust to build a long-term relationship with. 

Maximize the benefits of digital marketing

The Burg & Co. team can help you build a highly personalized and effective digital marketing plan that’s the right size for the needs of your business. To help you gain a clearer picture of the benefits of digital marketing, we can offer you a free marketing consultation. Contact us today to learn more.

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