How to Show ROI on Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Seventy percent of marketing leaders say their organizations see marketing as the main driver of revenue and business growth. That means it’s more important than ever to demonstrate that your digital marketing efforts are earning a solid return on investment. So how can you show your company leaders that the investment has been worthwhile?


  1. Tie performance to business outcomes

Marketers can get overly excited about numbers like social media followers, website traffic or page views, or email newsletter subscribers. But what do those numbers mean to the business? If you can illustrate that the boost in traffic has driven an increase in revenue or show a solid return tied to these results, you’ll make it much more clear to senior leadership what your marketing efforts have actually accomplished. Attribution can help you more closely tie a lead’s action to the source of that lead to paint a clearer picture of how tactics are creating results.


  1. Differentiate goals from KPIs

Understanding the difference between goals and KPIs will be essential in demonstrating and explaining results of your digital marketing campaign. Goals are the outcome you’d like to see, like increased revenue. KPIs, on the other hand, are the metrics you use to show whether you’re progressing toward the goal. KPIs should be tied to the activities your campaign elicits, like site visits, email signups and conversions.

3. Set realistic goals and monitor your progress

Frequent measurement is essential to not only checking your progress, but also to showing what changes you need to make to achieve your KPIs and track closer to your goals. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-limited (SMART) and will help leaders clearly see your impact on key business goals. Any digital marketing channel should have an analytics program that helps you see how your message performs compared with others, what times and dates your audience is most engaged, and what tactics may be performing well — and not so well.

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