Setting realistic goals for your search engine advertising

Success out of a pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign is what you make it. Besides the effort and strategy you employ, you can determine your goals. PPC is not always about improving your sales. Sure, making a sale is a long-term goal for any business, but your particular campaign can have other goals that are more relevant in the short run.

Take a look below at some of the realistic goals you can set for your search engine advertising campaign besides increasing sales.

Increasing brand awareness

One major benefit of leveraging a search advertising campaign is that it gets your brand out there in front of your target audience. This improves your brand awareness, which means your audience might remember seeing your brand when they’re ready to find a business that offers the services you provide. 

Tracking brand awareness is challenging, but there are a couple of ways to find out if your brand awareness is increasing. Is there an increase in direct searches for your brand? Are you receiving more social media followers? Are you receiving more phone calls or walk-in traffic? This all may be related to an increase in your brand awareness. 

Generating leads

Your search engine advertising doesn’t need to lead visitors to a page where they make a purchasing decision. Instead, you can lead them to a landing page with a demo, sample or other type of free information that your visitors can receive in exchange for contact information. When they make this decision, they’re converting into a soft lead who is likely to become a client sometime further down the road. 

Improving your site traffic

If your site is already optimized to drive visitors down a sales funnel to convert into leads and customers, then your goal may be simply to increase site traffic. Think of what you can feature in your advertising to attract more visitors to your site so they can interact with the sales funnel you already have in place. 

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