What’s New in SEO this Week? July 30, 2018

At Burg & Co., we strive to stay at the front of what’s happening in the digital marketing world. As part of our dedication to keeping the public informed on the latest digital marketing news, we are introducing a weekly SEO recap.

Search engine optimization is a constantly-evolving practice comprised of many strategies and ever-advancing technology. If your business or service has any form of digital presence, then the search engine news pertains to you.

Weekly SEO recaps will help you stay informed on latest search engine algorithm updates, major policy changes, new search-related technologies and new digital marketing ideas.

This week in SEO news, we want to take a look at what’s new with Amazon Alexa and local search and we’ll check out some positive new changes coming to Apple maps and how this affects local businesses.

Amazon Alexa is getting local search results from Yext

Alexa, what is Yext?

If you’re unfamiliar with Yext, it is a software program that maintains accurate listings for your business. If your business is featured in multiple online directories, Yext will browse them all to ensure that your information is up-to-date and consistent across the board. Yext is especially useful for businesses with more than one location.

Ensuring the accuracy of your information on the internet is valuable because it establishes the trust of your business with search engines and users. Now, this kind of information is increasingly available on Amazon Alexa.

Millions of Americans are using smart speakers in their homes today. Users commonly ask Alexa and other smart speaker devices for advice or directions on where to go for a specific need.

If your business is integrated with Yext, Amazon Alexa will now factor in these results with its search results. This means there is an increase in your findability with Amazon Alexa if your business uses Yext.

Don’t use Yext? Do not worry, your business still has findability. If you maintain accurate locations, hours and contact info on your listings, like Google, etc., Amazon can still find you. However, with Yext, your listings remain consistent, allowing service like Amazon Alexa to better serve their users with accurate information about you.

Apple Maps is making a move

Many iPhone users are familiar with the frustration of using Apple Maps when it initially rolled out. Apple acknowledges the error in their map software’s reliability lies in the fact that they used too much third-party information. Apple has been working hard over the years to correct this error and is moving to use all in-house technology and software for Apple Maps.

This means business owners should update their listings in Apple Maps to increase findability and user-friendliness. Many businesses are aware of the benefits of being findable on Google Maps, but now Apple Maps will add additional benefits.

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