SEO news: Week of July 5, 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fast-paced area of digital marketing. Staying on top of the latest news and developments in the industry is a critical part of success. With more information and less time than ever, it can be helpful to lean on the expertise and specialization of digital marketing professionals.

Since we spend a lot of time navigating the SEO world, we’re happy to share the most important SEO news items we come across.

Three pieces of need-to-know SEO news for marketing professionals: 

  1. Slow rollout on Google’s June 2021 core updateGoogle’s June 2021 core update began rolling out on Wednesday, June 2, but many sites didn’t begin to feel its effects until three or four days later. This update is seeking to update Google’s search ranking algorithm. As a result, you might notice fluctuations in your site’s rankings as this core update takes effect. 
  1. Additional Google core update rolls out in July 2021 — If your website has slipped down in Google search results recently, you might want to consider waiting on any specific site changes. The reason? Google is planning to roll out another core update in July 2021. This update was originally supposed to be a part of the June 2021 update, but some of the update wasn’t ready to go in June. However, you can take steps to improve your site overall. 
  1. Google rolls out updated predatory site algorithms — Some brands and websites seek to boost their credibility by preying on people’s reputations. The company already has protective algorithms that demote exploitative sites; it is now trying to protect the reputation of individuals with its predatory site algorithms

The goal of this update is to automatically apply ranking protections that prevent exploitative sites from appearing when a person’s name is searched. However, the individual must still make a request to remove at least one predatory site associated with their name first. 

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