PPC news: Week of August 12, 2019

Pay-per-click advertising and search engine marketing, like other digital marketing channels, are constantly being shaped by new technological developments and industry trends. This generates a lot of news — news that any savvy marketer or stakeholder needs to stay on top of to be as effective as possible in the modern digital marketplace. 

As we come across shareworthy stories and items, we’re more than excited to share them with our partners and anyone else who is interested. This week, we’ll be covering topics ranging from the aftermath of Amazon Prime Day and its potential carryover effect on paid search to Google’s insights on automation in PPC. We’ll also cover Bing Ads’ recent deal with Verizon Media. 

Amazon’s ad network fuels Prime Day success

With 175,000,000 items sold, Amazon is claiming this year’s two-day online shopping event, called Prime Day, to be the largest shopping event in Amazon history. A large part of this success was its online advertising strategy. While Amazon is still in third place for total ad revenue behind Google and Facebook, it has enjoyed growth of over 120%, outpacing its two competitors. Sellers and businesses wishing to take advantage of the popularity of Prime Day, and other shopping events, are increasingly turning to Amazon’s own advertising platform to get their products in front of shoppers. 

According to Google leaders, the future of paid search is automation

PPC is becoming increasingly automated. This has been expressed by many thought leaders in the digital marketing world, including Todd Rowe, the global managing director for Google Marketing Solutions, at a recent Google Marketing Live event. According to Rowe, new technologies can take about two years to disrupt an industry, which means that paid search marketers have roughly this amount of time to fully adjust to changes in the industry. 

Verizon Media strikes deal with Bing Ads

Earlier this year, Verizon Media, owner of AOL and Yahoo, struck a deal with Bing Ads to make all of its search inventory available to users of the Bing Ads platform. For PPC marketers, this news means easier access to a wider audience for paid digital ads. 

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